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How to Fix the Foam in a Hot Tub

    • 1). Add commercial defoamer to your hot tub. Start with just a half teaspoon---or a cap-full---and wait a few minutes to see if it gets rid of the foam. If not, add a bit more. This will temporarily solve the problem.

    • 2). Drain the hot tub.

    • 3). Clean the hot tub with a scrub brush. You want to take care to clean off any dead skin or other debris that may be in the hot tub.

    • 4). Refill the hot tub and add the proper chemicals.

    • 5). Ask all who enter the hot tub to take a quick shower before getting in. It's easiest if you have a shower close to the hot tub. It doesn't need to be a full shower---just a quick rinse-off with water.

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