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Koh Samui Bungalows- Redefining Luxury!

Be it a business trip or a pleasure journey, Koh Samui will never let you down. Blessed with natural grandeur and irresistible glory, Koh Samui has found a permanent spot for itself as one of the most lucrative tourist destinations.  Located in the radiant atmosphere of Thailand, life in Koh Samui is like living a beautiful dream. To make the best of your trip, it is essential that you reside in the Koh Samui bungalows or villas which are available at affordable rental prices. There is in fact a huge variety of bungalows to choose from- ranging from bungalows classified on the basis of luxury to the bungalows categorized on the basis of location. A few major Koh Samui bungalows are-
  1. Eden Rock- The Eden Rock villa- Built with Teak wood, this bungalow is decorated with artworks chosen from throughout Asia. With a thatched roof, a private pool and fantastic views forming its backdrop, this villa is difficult to pass by. More so, because it is available at a price of 490 Pounds per night.
  1. Villa Baan Bang Makham- Available at 260 Pounds per night, this villa is situated at a secluded hillside location and is considered extremely stylish in its basic organization. The coconut and palm trees around the bungalow are sure to calm you down and give you the much needed serenity, peace and privacy that you vehemently desired.
  1. Astasia Villa, Laem set- A spacious villa combining stylish and tropical architecture, this bungalow has been built in typical Bali style. Every area of the villa portrays immense elegance and grace. Its luxuriousness and convenience have made it a Thai asset and a tourist’s delight!

Just like Koh Samui is a must on your itinerary, Koh Samui bungalows are a must ‘stay destination’. The charm and allure of this place will indeed captivate your mind and enthrall your senses!

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