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New Homeschooler Jitters

The first year of homeschooling is such an adventure! It is hard to balance school stuff that matters (like reading, writing, and math) against the school stuff that simply is not necessary when you are homeschooling (desks, tests, and watching the clock.
) Even if you know you are supposed to be homeschooling, it can still be pretty intimidating.
First of all, feeling insecure and afraid is how moms have been feeling through all the ages, particularly when starting a new stage - ANY new stage.
I am guessing that is how you felt when you brought home your newborn, right? However, there are some curriculum choices that can make you feel MORE inadequate and scared than necessary.
Curriculum that is originally intended for a school setting will assume that the teacher knows the material.
Curriculum originally intended for a homeschool will assume that the parent knows nothing about the subject.
You are more likely to feel inadequate when you use curriculum intended for a school setting.
When you are in a school, everything is separated by age groups.
When you are homeschooling, you can recognize that grade levels do not matter, it is the LEARNING that matters.
You may be able to group the kids together in many or most of their subjects.
As long as they are learning, then that is the thing that matters.
You can use a curriculum that is intended for multiple ages, like Sonlight or Tapestry of Grace, etc.
Or you can just use a regular curriculum each one of them has not yet been exposed to.
So for example, they may all do chemistry this year together.
I did all of our schoolwork together, except for math, all the way through high school, even though my children are over two years apart.
What curriculum you decide on does not really matter, because it is more about the fit between your curriculum and your children.
You just want to choose a curriculum that is a good fit for you.
On the other hand, if it is NOT a good fit for you, then it is best to make a curriculum change.
That is the benefit of homeschooling - you can change when things are not working.
There are a million ways to save money when homeschooling.
On the other hand, I think a first year homeschoolers would do best by investing in their ability to succeed.
That is why I often suggest Sonlight for beginners.
It is a little bit more expensive, but it can really help your first, most critical year, be successful.

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