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How to Use Tonalin CLA

    • 1). Choose a type of Tonalin CLA that suits your lifestyle. Even though the oil itself is entirely vegetarian and derived from a plant source, the product may use a capsule that is made from cow gelatin sources. An alternative to a capsule is a liquid product that a consumer can take using a spoon. Some specific foods for the functional food market may also contain Tonalin CLA.

    • 2). Talk to your doctor before taking the dietary supplement if you are on a course of prescription medication. According to the manufacturer, scientists have performed no research on possible interactions between Tonalin CLA and prescription medicines.

    • 3). Ask your doctor if it is safe to take Tonalin CLA if you are pregnant, breastfeeding or are planning to become pregnant, as no research is available on possible side effects of the supplement in these situations. According to the Cognis Group, studies have shown that Tonalin CLA is safe, even at high doses, for animals and the product has no serious side effects after long-term supplementation.

    • 4). Read the label of the product you wish to take to calculate a daily dose. The Cognis Group recommends that people wishing to lose fat take at least 1.7 grams of the fatty acid per day, but suggests that three grams is a reasonable daily intake.

    • 5). Take the product at meal times if possible, but you can also take it at other times.

    • 6). Combine Tonalin CLA supplementation with an exercise and healthy eating regimen to improve your chances of successful fat loss. The Cognis Group recommends eating lots of fruit, vegetables and whole grains. According to the company, an exercise regimen is not essential to fat loss, but it is beneficial.

    • 7). Vary your Tonalin CLA regimen by eating health food products that contain Tonalin CLA, and reduce your capsule or oil dosage to ingest the recommended three gram dose per day.

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