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How to Rename 2.1 iPhone Apps

    • 1). Open the Cydia menu by clicking the "Cydia" icon on your springboard and then open your "Search" box. In the search box, type "Rename" and click search. The "Rename" application will appear. If not, scroll until you see "Rename." Click on "Rename" and then click "Install." You will go through the process of adding the "Rename" application to your iPhone. You can get Cydia on your iPhone 2.1 by downloading QuickPwn 2.1 application from iPhone-Hacks website (see Resources). On the page, scroll all the way down to click on the "Download" link.

    • 2). Go to your iPhone springboard, where your other iPhone app icons are. Look for a little blue icon that says "Rn." Open "Rn." Once you open the icon, you will see all of your apps.

    • 3). Choose the app you desire to rename by clicking on the app's icon. Type the name that you want to rename the app to and then click "Rename." Your application will now appear with the new name on your springboard.

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