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Compelled to Deepen Spiritual Awareness and Generate Inspirational Politics

The degrees of faith in God while praying affect our attitudes, words, actions, habits, characters, and the ultimate destinations we experience.
How fervently we pray with certainty affects how directly God answers us and all things being possible, we can understand the solid reasoning, which bridges our awareness to the unseen world.
When we discover how God integrates His Word and unseen world into our chosen paths, we find others very near there with not quite the same function.
We must definitively compare and contrast the unique combinations in our function with our associates' and friends' gifts and talents.
They prioritize differently than we do, though many of our aims align with theirs.
This opens the doors to our potential leadership and empathy in all our relationships, the company we keep, moving toward common destinations.
Even as individual victories in the group bear out independence, sector strength and its self-reliance lead to it instrumentally persuading the other societal sectors to attain self-sustainment.
Will society ever achieve this productive mutual reliance? As the circumstances presently exist, reversing stresses sectors force among themselves compels us to question their ability to attain self-sustainment individually and positively reinforce the others.
Creating connective, utterly self-supporting altruism strengthening communities to advance Nonprofit Theory removes the burden, the necessity for the public, businesses, and the government to remain the legs of Nonprofits for their daily functions.
We have a healthy Gross Domestic Product as a nation.
Regular businesses succeed, barely stay afloat, or fail, but the sector completely supports the United States, financially.
The sectors resolving financial stresses imposed among each of them, anticipate exigent challenges of eliminating the national debt and placing rigid moratoriums on tax increases.
So, rationale strongly suggesting how to modernize governmental income becomes a consideration we cannot ignore.
How often we pray and study the Word of God in earnest directly affects how deeply we understand how and what to compare and contrast with regard to the kingdom of God and earth.
Eternity matters and there is a King of all kings who will show many the door out to vindicate His servants in the end.
"In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.
" (Genesis 1:1) He made everything! Proverbs 16:4 also says, "The Lord has made all for Himself, yes, even the wicked for the day of doom.
" In addition, it says in 2 Peter 3:8 "that with the Lord one day is as a thousand years, and a thousand years as one day.
" With a thousand years in one day, He is inexplicably outside our time, but inside of it, too, from one moment to the next as we experience time.
Our bodies are His vessels, and He has total control of our perceptions.
"He has made everything beautiful in its time.
Also, He has put eternity in their hearts, except that no one can find out the work that God does from beginning to end.
" (Ecclesiastes 3:11) He knows the ending from the beginning and has set aside a good or bad consequence for everything that happens, every decision made.
He's set aside these decisions even for all the possibilities that could happen.
Retaining a strong and literal faith in Scripture teaches us that "with God, all things are possible.
" Not only that, it teaches us that God's hands are in all things.
He punishes the wicked, but allows them in the world with His self-restraint in case they repent; for long suffering; and for other unknowable circumstances to come to pass among the wicked, the saints, and the ignorant in-between.
The interactions teach those who love Him and change the hearts of others according to His purpose and the mind of the others.
"For the wrath of God is revealed from heaven against all ungodliness and unrighteousness of men, who suppress the truth in unrighteousness, because what may be known of God is manifest in them, for God has shown it to them.
" (Romans 1:18-19) He reminds us He controls all eternal matters on Judgment Day.
O what unseen world does he visit to listen to what lay beyond? Embark with an open mind into the wondrous realms of heavenly places.
How do we talk to God? We will know when we speak to Him with the kind of faith that expects a direct answer from God.
He even has angels that help with relationships, missions and more, though He gives us unhampered access to His throne in the Holy Spirit.
Expect holy anointing to stir you in this miraculous journey of hope.
As he ponders such things, arms crossed, with his index finger, he taps his temple.
Heighten spiritual awareness...
We understand that a telephone allows us to pick it up and speak to Mom or Dad over great distances.
By using Scripture literally, we can take the road, which bridges us to the reality of the unseen world according to our faith and the continuity of our prayer.
The empathic process of transferring combinational emotions transcends conventional communication in ways, which delve deeply into neutrality.
When we know without a doubt because of this phenomenon that eternal life starts today, it gives us an unfathomable peace, which enriches our internal joy and knowledge of God.
He walks with a gentle warm breeze seamlessly wafting across his face.
Walking in the lush green grass, it suddenly shows itself and extends unto the horizon, blurred in the distance, the colors dance in his mind.
Let God's supernatural way before us intensify strength of purpose...
Completely dependent upon Him, His strength becomes ours in our unique function through our faith in Christ who took our sins and gave us His righteousness.
The closer to home our awareness of eternal life becomes, the more reason we have to use what God gives us to serve Him, not sitting idly by.
God provides inspiration as answers to questions at times, which drives the hope in His Spirit that lives in us joined to our point of feeling; He teaches us all things.
His mind draws to a point in the blurry haze of dancing color.
The evening hastens near and a prairie coalesces, the sun cascading shadows from behind a lone tree in the field.
And evolve your mission in life with fortitude...
We know we gain wisdom by relating to others and sincerely empathizing with them.
How many of us have ever wondered what God thinks? He wants us to know how He feels, how He loves.
He wants to teach us about empathy in a way that we become accustomed to empathizing with Him.
Continuously rehearsing our love for all others, one day we wake up and realize that we genuinely do love all others.
All the reason, all the energy, all the love, and all the direction we have in our spirit, God stored there for His purpose.
When we had latched onto our greatest aspiration just beyond our grasp, beyond our ability to understand how it fit God's plan, beyond knowing why we felt so strongly about it, we found something great, in and of itself.
This was the time to refine our list of questions for God to help us answer.
While the evening draws nigh and shadows of light contrast, the sparse but gathering storm clouds crackle overhead, its ear piercing and resonating thunder ominously shakes them inside and out.
As Joshua scales the vertical rock face, a strong arm reaches and tightens about his wrist to strengthen his last footfall, hoisting him to a safe view of the raging river far below.
Evolve your mission in life with fortitude...
That He will challenge you with, test you with, and change you with.
We are His to mold.
And mold us, He does.
The more we consider how our goals in this pursuit affect others, the more we need others.
The more God shows us how our aims integrate with other people's work, the harder we work to please Him and understand the big picture.
Time passes without glory, and it seems like forever.
God's working in and changing us.
He's also working in others to help bring our hopes and expectations to pass, except He's doing that for everyone who loves Him.
Hmmm- patience and eager perseverance...
The harder we strive to achieve objectives involving the benefit to others or all of us, without thinking about what rewards we will get, the sweeter is the fruit of our labors.
Wisdom becomes us.
He watches in awe and at center stage a brightly glowing orb with no definable edges circulates diffusively through the descending light, drawing the ambient, darker golds into it.
This study's second part urges passive involvement to grow actively...
People naturally direct attentions to their careers, focus on their family, and train their children to do what it takes to become hardworking, smart adults.
They may never get past becoming more than passively involved in nonprofit endeavors, which they participate in by their tithing, donating, or making purchases benefiting Nonprofits.
And that's okay, because the central theme for Part Two of this study revolves around self-reliance.
In the orb's diffused state, it encompasses all else and vanishes.
It leaves a group appearing exalted in a white ambience.
With the ominous will to do good in sodality, all hands present grip together in a hub with spokes of able arms.
The second part urges your passive involvement to grow actively...
in agreement with many others, compelling courses of indefinable insight.
Passive involvement, by its very nature, agrees with what the active group is doing.
This starting point can grow toward planning work with others so that when we work our plan it draws further agreement from surrounding society, concerning nonprofit capacities to help sustain and increase the productivity of communities.
We want us all synergistically on the same page.
Focusing on public goods and services, this work aids clients to attain a greater level of self-sufficiency than already exists upon entry into the Nonprofits' care.
Whether the benefaction involves rehabilitation or helping consumers overcome a mental disability, Nonprofits help clients to reestablish self-reliance, attain it for the first time or something altogether different.
When Nonprofits work as part of the private sector and benefit private individuals, it reinforces the independence of the involved localities.
This process functions better, even if it subliminally impresses the clients, when the Nonprofit in question sustains itself with unrelated business indelibly connected to it in raising money for daily functions.
The unrelated business side of this operation also adds productivity to a neighborhood as it helps alleviate unemployment.
The completed study would contain more details about complex nonprofit relationships than this composition can.
In particular, their prospectively competitive relevance opposing regular businesses, which may, very well someday, challenge the currently prevailing workhorse generating the United States' Gross Domestic Product.
When Nonprofits multiply their relationships through self-sustainment with their own commercial enterprises, society reaps many benefits.
An interesting expediency will predominate as they increase in numbers.
Widespread successes here will cause many of the regular free enterprises to have to plan a way to maintain or return to the status quo as they see it.
They will improve the quality of goods and services and render them equitably.
Then the nonprofit based commercial enterprises will have to do the same to keep up and the competition is on! This inexorably develops an internal merchant accountability.
We want to convince society to favor maximizing influence on the nonprofit industry to leave the traditional fundraising to areas not including the daily functions of the Nonprofits.
The best use for philanthropy and other such public beneficence, however, will increase efficiencies by acting as insurance for lean times.
The lean times, impromptu projects, investments, mistakes in budgeting and other unexpected needs, which the industry calls organizational slack, falls outside of the Nonprofits' daily functions.
It's logical to assume that benefactors are more likely to invest in and add to the financial security of Nonprofits exhibiting the stability and care for their viability through self-reliantly maintaining profitable businesses (supporting their work) unrelated to their causes.
In many instances, accepting funds from sources with agendas of their own for the Nonprofits carries too high a price.
Moreover, because any kind of nonprofit aid from the government, especially leftists, completely conflicts with a community's self-reliance, we must encourage a growing maturity within the nonprofit industry and discourage Nonprofits from accepting any kind of government aid.
Nonprofits of public goods and services are supposed to render aid, not create its own dependence, particularly from the government, so far into the game from their infancy.
We may best do these things in Part Two by taking the lead and thereby creating and building up general nonprofit infrastructure, which completely supports the infrastructure's day-to-day functions with unrelated business ineradicably.
They would seek other nonprofits to become members, increase networking among Nonprofits and provide many other services for those in the nonprofit industry.
To further exemplify self-reliance, our national office would expect other communities and states to fund their own start-up as a unique part or department of general nonprofit infrastructure.
We would put a strong emphasis on communication between them and the main office and among all the Nonprofits.
General Infrastructure will be the hub of nonprofit activity.
To maintain the Christian mindset, the highly abundant localities may adopt sister cities and help start another leg of infrastructure.
Other kinds of Nonprofits focus on private services and already use commercialism, internally.
We will strictly discourage Nonprofits of public goods and services from ever charging their clients in favor of inspiring the advisees to give back to society in a variety of other ways.
One type of Nonprofit derives funds when the public pays them for providing private services to entertain inspirational thought, which museums do for example.
They indirectly add productive behaviors to society, encouraging the intellectual observers of the presentations to specialize their career choices or just spend energy to further work in one of the demonstrated areas, part-time.
Hands parting from the hub reveal a divine radiance before them all, and too, mastered, it shoots out with their consent in all directions from every palm, grasping all possibilities.
The study's second part urges your passive involvement to grow actively...
In the agreement with many others, compelling courses with indefinable insight...
and grasping the power available in our agreement with God.
* * * With the large bricked edifice representing society, beyond the facade lay a flag on the table.
Powerless and presently without grace, it does nothing in this state of being to restore our nation's eugenical vitality to the resounding Spirit of truth, in the Love of God.
Nonprofits and how their sector ties to the consuming, to the governmental, and to the profiting sectors in society integrate mistakes made in U.
history with current social unrest.
Once general nonprofit infrastructure takes hold and proceeds for a few years, we will be well on our way to correcting some of these problems.
As the nonprofit industry grows in strength and self-reliance, their instrumental persuasion within society will induce a naturally occurring and stable competition for power.
The vied for predominance will reach a variable equilibrium, constantly changing as to what sector is commanding how much power.
As communities become more self-reliant than now, needing less and less help from the government, it should lower taxation, giving us more freedom; except that it won't.
We, as a nation, have dug too large of a hole with our public debt, 238 years with deficits in every one of these except for about a year in 1835 and 36.
In 1791, the debt was how much it now increases every hour or so, 75 million dollars.
The National debt is over 17.
5 trillion dollars, making our public debt more than 55 thousand dollars for each one of us.
Pastor Ron commented and said that if our infants owe this now from the get-go, imagine the strain their children will face.
The government needs to hire some capitalists, and invoke new law that mandates that State Owned Enterprises must follow their own antitrust laws.
Over the years, they would become hardy competition for the nonprofit type commercial enterprises and regular free enterprise.
Aside from the quality of goods and services, people would commit a share of their patronage to this sector's commercial enterprises solely because it will help bring down our national debt.
When we also consider that, at this level of intense competition, the refinement of our goods would bring the world's attention to them, us.
This would put a preeminent demand on our exports, likely causing that income to multiply to a figure no one could guess, which would provide surpluses to pay down the national debt, drastically.
We will shape systems addressing these concerns, constituting solutions reducing public debt without raising taxes.
As inspirational politics approaches perfection, society's disagreement about leadership will subside, encouraging the intellectual and spiritual maturity of society and its individuals to grow exponentially right on through death and beyond where faith, love, and hope live on forever and ever in the kingdom of heaven.
In the many years of walking with God, He has lit the paths for the part of Him in us for those who love Him.
We may choose to walk and choose to ponder the roads God would have our nation follow (U.
Together worshipping and too, ambulating in deep breaths, we must ask our Father to attend our fix on His relegations, both fore-done and aft-expelling.
O how, O Lord, may each of society's sectors thrive economically and together? With the most productive mutual reliance, we must gather abundantly, and overflowing, connect as one nation under God.
The sweet children smiling widely look up at us in precious innocence.
They look unknowingly at some, not aware of how the unspeakably irresponsible leaders may compromise them and their children's children.
This should educe a powerful service from us.
It should compel cooperation and empathy with God Almighty so we will, by gathered fortitude, not allow any harm to come to the little ones because of our misguided, flagrant arrogance.
In order to assertively impact what comes next intertwined with the legacy we sincerely desire to leave with future generations.
Anything we do, which draws more self-reliance into each sector, each community, the more we will experience productive mutual reliance among our sectors.
The more the private sector does to increase their community's self-reliance, the better the government can strengthen things like the water piping infrastructure without going further into debt.
Many may have heard about what happened recently with the water mains over by UCLA, the broken piping spilling flood waters in and around the campus.
This happens more and more frequently than in the past due to our aging water infrastructure.
With the favor of God in these probabilities, some untested answers outlined in this study, which He has stored in our spirits, we may make headway resolving some of the major difficulties in our societal dilemmas.
You can be sure some courageous souls will build up and encourage the spread of general nonprofit infrastructure.
Due to its length, this brief study could only scratch the surface of the available information.

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