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Shared Responsibility Agreements


    • Australia is home to many different demographic groups. One of the most significant, however, is its indigenous aboriginal population. Shared responsibility agreements are specifically targeted at establishing community advancement through the joint participation of both the aboriginal communities as well as the Australian government.


    • The agreements are formulated in the spirit that the weight of community development falls squarely on the shoulders of both governments and local groups. Thus, they are designed to enhance the opportunities for government services to reach aboriginal communities through the oversight of both. In this way, local communities and government can both actively address current needs and future goals.


    • One feature of the shared responsibility agreement is that all groups involved, and especially local leaders, can establish their own priorities that need government attention. These leaders, as well as government, can also delegate responsibility to different entities, clearly establishing expectations and accountability. Finally, all agreements are subject to reviews at regular intervals to ensure progress, organization and mutual perspectives.

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