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How to Use Your Motorola Bluetooth Headset With the iPhone

    Update Your iPhone

    • 1). Connect your iPhone to its USB cable and plug the cable into your computer then open iTunes on your computer.

    • 2). Click on your iPhone under the "Devices" found in the leftmost column of the iTunes application window.

    • 3). Check in the iTunes display window for the Software Version of your iPhone. You must have at least 3.0 installed to use Bluetooth devices. To update, select the button "Check for Update" and follow the prompts to update your iPhone.

    Pair Your Headset

    • 1). Power on your Motorola Bluetooth headset and enter it into pairing mode. Press and hold the power button until the power LED flashes alternating colors -- typically blue and red.

    • 2). Tap on the "Settings" app on your iPhone to open it. This app is a gray icon with a picture of gears.

    • 3). Select "General" within the iPhone Settings and scroll down for the "Bluetooth" menu.

    • 4). Slide the toggle on your screen to the "ON" position to turn Bluetooth on.

    • 5). Choose your Motorola headset from the list of devices shown on your iPhone within the Bluetooth Settings.

    • 6). Enter a passkey for your Motorola Bluetooth headset and then select "OK" to pair it with your phone. Motorola uses the passkey "0000" by default for all headsets.

    • 7). Ensure that a tiny Bluetooth icon displays at the top of your iPhone screen. It resembles a fancy capital letter "B" and will be near the right side, next to the battery indicator. The icon is blue when an active Bluetooth connection is detected by your phone.

    • 8). Play music on your iPhone to test the audio output through your Motorola Bluetooth headset. You can adjust the volume either with the phone's side toggle-switch or using the on-screen volume display.

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