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How to Marbleize Auto Paint

    • 1). Apply the necessary primer and base coat to the surface of the car with the HVLP spray gun, then allow them to cure for approximately 15 minutes before applying the mid-coat marbalizer. Do not remove the masking material from the car or truck.

    • 2). Mix the marbalizer into the mid-coat precisely according to the paint manufacturer's specifications, if it requires mixing. Some marbalizers are ready to paint right out of the package. If you deviate from the instructions, the paint will either clog up your spray gun or it will run off the surface of the vehicle, requiring you to repaint the base coat onto the car.

    • 3). Place a paint strainer over the opening for the HVLP spray gun's paint reservoir, then pour the marbalizer into the reservoir. Install the reservoir's cap, and plug the HVLP spray gun into an air line from the air compressor.

    • 4). Set the spray gun's air pressure dial at 20 pounds per square inch, and adjust the remaining dials to their half-open setting.

    • 5). Spray the marbalizer onto the base coat of the vehicle, beginning with the highest point you will have to paint, and working your way down the side, front and back of the vehicle until it is completely covered. While you spray the marbalizer, overlap each pass you make with the spray gun by one-half to ensure proper coverage of the material and avoid the appearance of stripes in the finish.

    • 6). Pull a long sheet of plastic from a roll, using the help of an assistant to prevent the plastic from overlapping itself and imprinting this overlap onto the marbalizer. Gently lay the plastic sheet over the vehicle, and pat the plastic into the wet marbalizer using a wad of fabric, such as a towel. Do not use your hands, or the imprint of your hands will be visible in the finished paint.

    • 7). Pull the plastic sheeting straight off of the vehicle to avoid dragging the marbalizer, and allow it to cure until it has reached a slightly dull finish.

    • 8). Coat the vehicle's finish with between three and four coats of clear top coat, overlapping each pass by half just as you did the marbalizer. Allow the clear coat to cure completely, then sand and buff the finish just as you would any other paint job to bring out the deep, rich shine of the marbalized paint.

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