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7 Tips for Healthy Winter Hair

President of MopTop Hair Kelly Foreman on Skipping Silicone

Foreman says for best hair results, you should stay away from traditional silicones. And if you do use them, make sure to use an effective clarifying shampoo to strip off the silicone build up every two weeks. “Silicones work like liquid glass which is great for the instant cosmetic benefits, however terrible for the follicle. What happens to the hair follicle is that the silicone builds up and starts to strangle the hair, causing it to grow in weaker and finer and break more easily,” she explains.

Her brand sells a product called MopTop Leave-In, which Foreman says is her favorite styling product these days. The product is formulated with two water-soluble silicones so you get the great cosmetic effects without the residue. All of MopTop products are natural and green.

Celebrity Hairstylist George Gonzalez on Preventing Frizz

Frizz is most common hair problem for women, according to Gonzalez. “I prefer using products with natural ingredients such as camellia or sesame oil,” he says. There are three steps you should take in the colder months to keep your hair frizz-free:

1) Shampoo your hair less and use more conditioner.

2) Use a humidifier to prevent dry air from pulling moisture from your hair and skin.

3) Limit the amount of hot showers you take, or try to use cooler water whenever possible.

George the salon Chicago offers a two-part service using Davines products called the Nourishing Vegetarian Miracle Conditioning Treatment with a Living Enzyme Infusion Spray. It revives the hair, makes frizz smooth, detangles and boosts shine.

Celebrity Hair Colorist Brad Johns on Coloring Correctly
Johns says your color should accentuate your style, whether you have long layers or a bob. When possible, get your hair cut first, or have a consultation together with your colorist and stylist. Hair color should complement the eyes first, the skin second and then, the season.

To prolong the hair color post-application, Johns recommends Davines color-protecting products.
Beauty Blogger Renee Lorentzen on Moisturizing Your Hair

Lorentzen recommends coconut oil as a naural moisturizer for your hair. “Coconut oil penetrates deep in the hair shaft to repair your hair, unlike many other oils that seem to just sit on top of the hair and moisturize it,” she says. Having done tons of havoc to her hair with perms and styling, she credits the natural, green and organic oil with healing it completely.

YouTube Guru Judy Travis on Damage-Free Drying
Travis uses a microfiber towel to dry her damp hair. “It dries your hair faster and doesn't tug, which ultimately helps prevent split ends,” she says. Her natural beauty brand of preference is sold at Costco: Kirkland Signature Moisture Shampoo and Conditioner. It's vegan and gluten free and Travis says it smells great, works well, and best of’s affordable.

Beauty Blogger Kelleashia Tyuson Caring for Natural Hair

Tyus, who has been wearing her hair natural for almost two years said she’s learned that everyone’s hair is not alike. “I cannot always go by what’s someone else says is good for her hair,” she says. “My best general haircare tip is to moisturize and seal.”

Her favorite natural hair product line thus far is Shea Moisture. “It doesn’t leave my hair stripped when I shampoo and the conditioner and moisture milk leave my hair moisturized and cotton soft,” Tyus says.

Celebrity hairstylist Nelson Vercher on Feeding Your Tresses

Vercher says eating healthy and working out are as important to hair health as the products you apply to it. “Good blood flow in the body is great for hair,” he says. His favorite green haircare line is by Rene Furterer.

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