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Denmark Immigration Program under Green Card Scheme

Denmark has easy immigration system. It has transparent immigration system which provides excellent growth opportunity and social security benefits. The resident permit under the Green Card Scheme gives the immigrants the rights to carry out paid or unpaid works in Denmark. But the resident permit under the Green Card Scheme does not allow running own business or working as self – employed.

On the basis of an individual using a point system work permit under the green card scheme is designed for the qualified skilled professional to work in Denmark. To get a permanent resident permit under Green Card Scheme, one must gain minimum 100 points on the point calculation scheme. The point calculation scheme has different basis for gaining points.

Important Information's to be considered at the time of apply
  • In the Green Card Scheme, the points are given on the basis of five criteria's which are educational qualification, work experience, age, language skills and adaptability.

  • To get permanent Residence permit does not mean to get a job. It is the responsibility of the immigrant to find a job in Denmark.

  • To work and progress in Denmark good Danish language skills are required. 

  • One must assess job opportunities before applying for a residence permit under Green Card Scheme.

  • An Authorisation or similar official approval from the relevant authority is required to work within certain fields in spite of having qualifications.

Bonus points should be rewarded for being in positive list. The person must be financially strong so that he or she can bear the cost of living for the first year in Denmark.

Durations under Green Card Scheme
  • First time residence permit under Green Card Scheme can be granted for up to two years. 

  • After meeting minimum income requirement the residence permit can be extended. 

  • The salary of the immigrant must be reported to the Danish Tax Administration.

  • The application for extension of permanent residence permit can be submitted no sooner than three months before the permanent residence permit expires. If submitted after expiry, the application can get rejected.

  • The special version of the Green Card Scheme which is called establishment card is for those foreign nationals who complete Danish Master's degree or Danish PhD degree.

The immigrant who has been granted a residence permit and work permit of Denmark under the Green Card Scheme may bring certain family members. A special version of Green Card Scheme enables the foreign students who complete a higher educational program in Denmark itself, to stay in Denmark after graduation to look for a job.

Denmark is one of the best place to get immigrated having very easy immigration scheme. The Permanent residence permit gives the immigrants right to stay and work in Denmark. The point System not only gives benefit to the immigrant but also to their family members. Te person who has obtained qualification from any eligible university can get bonus points.

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