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How to Get Great Portraits

    • 1). Select a photographer who you feel relaxed with. You should feel at ease with the person taking your portrait so it will be easier to act naturally. It helps to select someone who can make you laugh so you can loosen up.

    • 2). Practice posing in a mirror so you can determine your best angles and facial expressions. Ask a friend or family member to take pictures of you and make any necessary adjustments to your poses. The more often you practice, the more comfortable you will become in front of a camera.

    • 3). Choose clothing that is both casual and classic. Solid colors photograph better than patterns or plaids. Find an outfit that highlights your best features and allows you to move comfortably while you're posing.

    • 4). Relax your body as you pose. Shift your weight to one foot, which will angle your body and will make you appear slimmer in your portrait. Lean slightly towards the photographer, arch your shoulders and tilt your chin to avoid an angle that may give you the appearance of a double-chin.

    • 5). Focus your gaze slightly above the camera lens. People tend to look more relaxed in pictures when they are taken at eye-level and they are not looking directly into the camera.

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