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Writing Articles For Profit - 5 Easy Steps

Article marketing is by far the best method of driving traffic to your website.
And not only that but also create awareness as well.
Best of all it is free.
If you want your home business to skyrocket into big profits then writing articles for profit is your ticket.
This is one marketing technique that you can not afford to ignore.
There are two main tools you use in article marketing and they are blogs (loaded with fresh content) and by submitting your articles to free article directories.
By doing this you can draw increased traffic to your website and also make others in your niche aware of your site.
If you really want to pull in profits with your articles make sure you are using every article for all it is worth! #1 Promote Your Website You want to make sure that you use your authors resource box at the end of your article to link back to your website.
This is how you advertise your products, services, or the type of information that can be found on your website.
Always make sure to include your link that goes to your website so that interested readers can click on it and visit your website.
This is the easiest way to convert this targeted traffic into sales because they have an interest in what you have to offer.
#2 Affiliate Promotion What you want to do is either create a landing page or a blog (free) and advertise your products that you are promoting.
Then you want to use your authors box and place that link back to your site.
Readers that read your article may click through and once again they are easier to covert to sales rather than someone who found your site at random.
Targeted traffic is the best you can get to make profits.
#3 List Promotion By creating a mailing list you can automatically send information out to your subscribers and promote your products.
You will need an autoresponder to accomplish this.
Some are free and some cost.
What you want to do is create a squeeze page that gives something away free to get the visitor to give you they name and email address.
Once you collect their information you can then build a relationship with them and promote your products automatically.
This is the link you would want to place at the end of your article.
#4 Promote Your Blog Blogs tend to get a lot of attention from search engines since they are routinely updated with fresh and unique content.
You should try to add fresh content at least twice a week at a minimum.
One of the ways you can accomplish this is by breaking your articles into smaller articles and post them on your blog.
#5 Promote Your Articles If you want to get even more traffic and sales then you should be promoting your articles.
You can promote your articles through social sites such as Digg, Twitter, and others.
Just make comments on these different sites and then place a link to your article at the end.
Make sure your comment is not just spam but a valid comment.
Make sure that you check the terms of the article directory that you use to make sure that you don't break any rules by doing this.

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