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Signs of Diabetes - Excessive Thirst

Imagine that you are standing in a desert.
It is extremely hot.
The sun is shining and remitting excessive heat.
You do not know about any mirage or oasis nearby.
You are wheezing.
You feel that your tongue is big for your mouth.
It looks that you haven't had a drop of water since days.
You crave for even a drop of water.
If you are able to equate the scenario of your mouth to this picture then you must check for other signs of diabetes.
Excessive thirst is only one sign of diabetes.
Before jumping on the conclusion and over diagnosing it would be better to check the possibility of other ailments.
Following is given the checklists for various causes of excessive thirst so it is better to check the exact cause of your unquenchable thirst.
Imbalance in hormones: Hormonal imbalance includes the high-level of thyroids Certain Drugs or Medications: These specifically includes alcohol, caffeine and antihistamines Psychogenic Polydipsia: It is psychological state and it causes a person to feel thirsty for no obvious reason Change in Exercising Routine: The increase in exercise generally increase the water requirement of the body Hypothalamus Damage: It is the part of the brain and if it is damaged the person may feel thirsty all the time Diabetes Mellitus: It is a disease that causes a person to urinate excessively.
The result is that person feels dehydrated.
Now you have gone through the probable causes of excessive thirst.
If you are convinced that your thirst is the sign of diabetes then you must proceed.

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