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How to Change Kitchen Appliances

    • 1). Choose which kitchen appliances you will be replacing. Unless you are doing a complete kitchen remodel, it may not be necessary to change all your appliances. If money is an issue, only replace non-working or outdated appliances and wait to change the others.

    • 2). Set a limit for how much you can spend. Replacing one appliance may only cost a few hundred dollars, while changing every major appliance could run several thousand dollars. Consider the number of appliances you will be changing and the features you wish to have when determining this number.

    • 3). Measure where your new appliances will be with a tape measure and write down those dimensions. Make sure to measure the height, width and depth of your current appliances as a reference. Note whether your existing appliances are powered by gas or electricity.

    • 4). Pick an appliance color that will fit your kitchen's style and your budget. White and black appliances are typically the least costly and work in virtually every style kitchen. Stainless steel, on the other hand, is the most expensive and works well in contemporary and modern kitchens. If you are only changing one or two appliances, match your new appliance color to the existing appliances.

    • 5). Decide what features you want for your new appliances, so long as you stay within your budget. Self-cleaning and cooktop options are convenient features to have for a range, while noise reduction is nice to have in a new dishwasher. Water dispensers and ice makers are features you might consider when getting a refrigerator.

    • 6). Ensure your leading appliance options are the right dimensions and can be ordered with the power option you need. If an appliance you are considering does not fit your measurements or your current power source, it is not an option.

    • 7). Make your appliance purchase and set up a delivery date. Ensure that the company will haul away your old appliance and hook up your new ones. Many home improvement stores offer these services free and will spare you the headache of installing the appliances yourself.

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