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Importance of Area Rugs

Some may consider it just a floor covering, but for others area rugs are more than just something you lay on the floor for people to walk on.
It is not just a mere decoration that you show off among your friends or colleagues while you wait for them to praise your good preference.
A few would even say that the presentation of your home is a reflection of one's lifestyle.
So what really are the other uses of area rugs? And how is it important in any way? In the world of fantasy and fairy tales, an area rug can be a flying magic carpet that you either ride on to take your princess for a ride or save you when you are trapped in a cave.
Unfortunately, it doesn't happen in real life.
Nonetheless, a stationary area rug has still a lot to offer.
Who, in the right mind, wouldn't want to feel comfort under their feet, wearing socks or not? Same as carpets, area rugs gives a nice warm homely comfort that no hard wood floor can replace.
Adding area rugs is a great way to personalize a room, whether at home or in the office.
Not only do they add shade and creative design to a room, they also enhance a room's mood and character.
But besides its normal purpose as a floor covering, although rarely happening, a few people use area rugs as a wall décor instead of paintings.
This is possible of course because of the wide range of designs, colors, shapes and sizes to choose from.
Provided that you are an adventurous person and willing to try something new, you can frame it up and hang it to accentuate the other walls.
And not only that, because of its versatility and usefulness, an area rug can not only emphasize a room but also divide two rooms that are openly connected and seem to have the same theme.
And since they don't need prior installation, they can easily be replaced when redecorating or even brought along with during a move of residence.
Hard wood and even marble floors, although a plus in home design, tend to be slippery and can cause mishaps.
With infants crawling and kids running around, it is not far from reality that something might spill or a small toy might be dropped or left behind.
And so, it is also highly possible that somebody might accidentally slip and get hurt especially in areas with high foot traffic and daily indoor activity.
Safety-wise, this is where area rugs come in.
Area rugs are good additions to hard wood and marble floors.
Although they tend to shift and slide because of their temporary-installed nature, using a rug pad or even an anti-slip spray to prevent it from moving from one place to another will surely decrease impact of accidental falls.
This also prevents unwanted sliding or shifting of furniture such as dining tables and sofas.
Replacing hard wood floors and over all cleaning of wall-to-wall carpets can be a big job and is expensive.
Area rugs are also good cover ups for floors or carpets that are stained and are hard to clean.
But besides its bandage-like characteristic, area rugs as well as carpets can reduce sound wave travels inside a room.
Unlike hard wood floors that tend to bounce off the sounds of your televisions or mp3 players, area rugs and carpets help suck up the noise.
Sound reduction is helpful especially to those who live in apartment buildings.
This would prevent your neighbors from knocking on your door and disturb you watching your favorite TV shows just to shut you up.
Area rugs, for many, are considered a necessity in decorating a nice inviting home.
On the other hand, for a few, an area rug is not just a mere decoration to place in your home and wait for other people to compliment.
It is also a reflection of how they carry themselves and how well they choose in life.
It may stand as a sound absorber, a floor bandage, or a wall décor.
But whatever it is, in conclusion, area rugs are useful and therefore practical.

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