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Stay Away From Hair Loss

We have our hair strong from the very beginning. But uneven or lack of grooming can result in hair loss. Hair care does not mean only spending huge money on hair care, giving visit to parlors regularly. But some basic tips on hair care can also be effective if taken care of. It seems very easy to make things out but it is generally tough to maintain. Here are some tips for daily hair care.

Combing problems- combing hair is a problem but we don’t take care of it mostly. Combing hair should follow some instructions. We use to comb both wet and dry hair. Most of us think that it is quite easy to detangle wet hair, even though it is not. So generally while combing we pluck our hairs out. We should brush wet hair with a comb with broad teeth. We use plastic combs for brushing our hair. In our rushing hours we use to brush our dry hair harshly. It causes root-breakage. In order to detangle we run the comb roughly through our hairs. But it creates a friction and hairs get stuck into the plastic comb easily and get ready to be plucked out. So, even in our busier hours, we have to take care of combing. Uneven strokes invoke a harmful treatment to our hairs.

Drying problems- We are in modern civilization emancipating new ideas along with rude stamps of dust and pollution. In the era of grim and dust, naturally our hair gets sticky and scalp gets dry. We do not take natural ways to drying our hairs, furthermore, we love to take the shortcut to blow dry our hair on the go. But it is harmful as it takes off the moisture on the skin. So we have to mind drying our hair naturally in air. We may run our fingertips through the wet hair and help it to be dried in air.

Cleansing problems- Keeping hair clean and tidy helps to make our hairs healthy. We use shampoos, conditioners, gels, toners, etc. to keep clean. While using those chemical ingredients we should go through the methods in detail and possess a good knowledge about the chemicals used in it. Perhaps ninety percent of us are habituated using anti-dandruff shampoos in ignorance of its harmful coincidence. It contains Selenium sulfide which causes liver malfunction and other toxic ingredients in it damages the hair root. So we should always use general shampoos that contain less hard materials for hair. Some natural products are also available in market as olive oil, and lemon extracts which if kept for massaging, gives hair healthy look, nourishing it from the core. Conditioners serve different purpose to give shine and detangling effect, so, shampoos containing conditioners may cause reverse effect. We should comb our dry hairs before shampooing because it rubs the greasy flakes away from the scalp and then it can be washed off. Those who take medicines for liver, take chemotherapy, take drugs, can witness severe hair fall. In that case they should come in contact with the physician. So, keep your hair tidy and live healthy.

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