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How web hosting control panels have brought Australian web hosting prices to discount levels

Gone are the days of in-house Australian web hosting administration panels, and good riddance.

Back in the 90s and early 2000s, in-house administration panels were the norm. Web hosts wrote scripts to automate some tasks, and if you got to login to a web-based administration panel, it was a bonus. Not only were administration panels, that put the domain and web hosting settings at the direct control of their owners, unusual, but they were extremely limited in their functionality.

Adding even as something as simple as an email address, took an email, that was slowly replied to, and eventually got your email address up and running.

They were bad, and slow, ways of getting everyday business done. Something had to change, and eventually it did.

Firstly, the advent of the web hosting control panel was finally introduced into the Australian market. For the first time, clients were able to add email addresses, databases, and email mailing lists, directly to the server. This not only improved the Australian web hosting client's experience, it saved countless hours of support time.

These clients were now editing their web hosting administration settings on the server directly, and saving both themselves, and their web hosts, considerable time.

The second factor, that of saving the expensive web host's time, drove Aussies to finally embrace cheap Australian web hosting. Hosts were finally able to empower their clients, and the savings brought costs to the floor.

These days, you can get reliable Australian web hosting, with support staff on-hand, from as little as $4 per month.

The most popular control panel now, is called c Panel, and is the cornerstone of cheap Australian hosting. Adding email accounts, forwarders, and even editing databases directly, are all now standard offerings.

No longer do you need to contact support for anything simple, and everyone's happy.

Technical support staff, and in particularly - system administrators, are expensive. This is the major cost for most web hosts, and as such, the elimination of simple support requests has now filtered down into cheap Australian host's pricing.

The $20 - $50 per month web hosting plan price has now dropped well below $10 per month for a small, quiet site.

Pretty good, right? It is, and everybody wins. Your web hosting control panel saves both a lot of time for you, and in support from your host. Ideally though, you want a web host that is even more automated, and therefore even cheaper. What about the other tasks that require web hosting support staff to be called into action? Things like creating invoices, allowing upgrades, and following up late payments, are all factors.

This is where Australian web hosts are now going, fortunately, as now even these tasks have been automated, with instant provisioning and ordering systems for their client's.

The most popular web hosting control panel is WHMCS (Web Host Manager Complete Solution), but there are others. In it's basic form, the web host's administration panel takes over aspects of a web host's site, and allows direct ordering. That's getting the client's details and purchase into the host's database, and allowing features like instant online setup.

That alone saved the host from setting up the account manually, and the benefits of instant account creation help clients from the outset.

Invoices were added to the system instantly, and the client could login and pay them automatically, as well as upgrade, order add-ons, and change their contact details in one place.

This combination of automated web hosting tasks using c Panel, and now automated web host's tasks, is now the standard, and puts host's that use the two at a significant price advantage to their competitors.

Australian web hosting has never been in better shape, and by choosing a cheap Australian host that uses these technologies, both adds to the client's abilities to work with their service quickly, and allows discounted hosting to be provided with a good experience.

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