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Sawyer"s Nicknames for Hurley

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  • Lardo: Hurley points out that they are all in this together. "Shut up, Lardo!" (Ep: 1x1, Pilot Part 1)
    • Lardo refers to Hurley's large size.
  • Stay Puft: Hurley tells Sawyer to give him the manifest because he could use the points. "Well, gosh, you sure know how to butter a man up, Stay Puft." (Ep: 1x10, Raised by Another)
    • Stay Puft was the giant marshmallow guy who was made famous by the movie Ghostbusters.

  • Pillsbury: Hurley tells Sawyer that he's glad he's back. "Yo yourself, Pillsbury." (Ep: 2x10, The 23rd Psalm)
    • The Pillsbury Doughboy is the mascot of The Pillsbury Company, and is made of dough.
  • Jabba: Hurley asks about Libby. "Well, you got a little love connection brewing over there, Jabba?" (Ep: 2x12, Fire + Water)
    • Jabba the Hutt is a fictional character in George Lucas's science fiction saga Star Wars.
  • Jethro: Sawyer tries to teach Hurley to play a card came, but looks irritated and then sees Libby with a load of clothes and talks to Hurley about the laundry. "I'm sure you've got a load you need to drop in, don't you, Jethro?" (Ep: 2x12, Fire + Water)
    • Jethro was a character on The Beverly Hillbillies, a 1960's sitcom about a hillbilly family living in Beverly Hills after striking it rich from oil.
  • Hoss: Sawyer wants Hurley to talk to Libby. "Well, your moment is now, Hoss." (Ep: 2x12, Fire + Water)
    • Hoss was a character in Bonanza , a television series on NBC from 1959 to 1973.
  • Rerun: Sawyer catches Hurley eating. "What do you got there, Rerun?" (Ep: 2x14, One of Them)
    • Rerun was an overweight kid on the show What's Happening!!, which was a sitcom that ran on ABC from August 5, 1976 to April 28, 1979.

  • Barbar: As they walk through the jungle, Hurley tells Sawyer that what they are doing is just like a scary movie. "If this was a scary movie I'd be with a hot chick, not you, Barbar." (Ep: 2x14, One of Them)
    • Barbar is a mispronunciation of the popular fictional French character, Babar the Elephant.
  • Muttonchops: During a poker game. "You can either call or raise or lay 'em down, Muttonchops." (Ep: 2x17, Lockdown)
    • Muttonchops are patches of hair on the sides of the face.
  • Mongo: Sawyer wants to get rid of Hurley so he can play poker with Jack. "Fun time's over, Mongo." (Ep: 2x17, Lockdown)
    • Mongo is the name of the overweight sheriff's deputy in the 1974 comedy film Blazing Saddles
  • Deep Dish: Hurley comes up to Sawyer. "What can I do for you, Deep Dish?" (Ep: 2x18, Dave)
    • Deep Dish is a Chicago-style pizza that features a buttery crust, cheese, and chunky tomato sauce and is simliar to a casserole.
  • Grape Ape: Jack tells Sawyer that Michael doesn't want to bring Sayid to get Walt from the Others. "Yeah, well, him says even though Pippi Longstocking and the damn Grape Ape are ideal candidates for the Dirty Dozen -- I'm just going to say we might just want to bring the Red Beret." (Ep: 2x22, Three Minutes)
    • The Great Grape Ape was a Saturday morning cartoon produced by Hanna-Barber Productions that was broadcast on ABC from 1975 to 1978, about a 40 foot tall gorilla who loved grapes.
  • Snuffy: Hurley runs and hugs Sawyer when he first sees Sawyer after Sawyer's return from the Others. "Yeah, yeah, Snuffy, it's good to see you too." (Ep: 3x10, Tricia Tanaka is Dead)
    • Aloysius Snuffleupagus, also known as Mr. Snuffleupagus and Snuffy, is a big woolly animal who is a good friend to Big Bird on Sesame Street.
  • International House of Pancakes: Sawyer wonders what Hurley is doing and calls to him. "International House of Pancakes." (Ep: 3x10, Tricia Tanaka is Dead)
    • Commonly referred to as IHOP, this restaurant chain specializes in breakfast foods.
  • JumboTron: Hurley wants Sawyer and Jin to work. "What's your problem, JumboTron?" (Ep: 3x10, Tricia Tanaka is Dead)
    • JumboTron is a large video screen made by Sony that is typically used in sports stadiums and concert venues to show close up shots of the action.
  • Ese: Hurley wants to get the bus started, saying they need hope. "If it's hope you're looking for, Ese, you're on the wrong damn island." (Ep: 3x10, Tricia Tanaka is Dead)
  • Hurley tells Sawyer that he can keep up. "Alright, Ese, holler if you need me." (Ep: 4x1, The Beginning of the End)
    • Ese is slang used by Mexicans in the United States that means something like "homeboy".
  • Avalanche: Sawyer wants to play for his stash back. Hurley asks if he means play ping pong. "That's right, Avalanche." (Ep: 3x11, Enter 77)
    • Avalanche is a WCW overweight wrestler.
  • Montezuma: Sawyer is talking to Kate, telling her that it's his house. Hurley makes a noise in another room and Sawyer says, "Okay, me and Montezuma's house." (Ep: 4x4, Eggtown)
  • Chicken Little: While playing a board game, Hurley says they are all going to die and Sawyer says, "Calm down, Chicken Little, the sky ain't falling just yet." (Ep: 4x9, The Shape of Things to Come)
    • Chicken Little is a fable about a chicken who was alarmed when an acorn fell on her head and ran around telling everyone that the sky was falling.
  • Kong: Hurley is happy to see Sawyer after three years and gives him a hug. Sawyer says, "Easy on the ribs, there, Kong." (Ep: 5x9, Namaste)
  • Big Foot: Sawyer runs out of the jungle and startles Hurley, then says, "Easy, big foot, it's just me." (Ep: 6x17, The End)

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