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Southwestern Collecting

Picturing the Southwest brings up images of the Native Americans, cowboys, big skies and flat plains, but those things can be found in many places of the world, not just the American Southwest. But when speaking of collecting Southwestern items, those images comprise a distinct and easily identifable collection, even though it might be quite a varied one.
Indian art, pottery, rugs, cowboy artifacts, even western movie posters can all be considered in the category of Southwestern collecting. Many times folks cannot afford the real thing or just want the western flavor, that's when the newer products can help satisfy a want or need. With all collecting, remember to buy the best you can afford, condition and provenance always matters in the long run.

When or if you collect/buy mass-produced and non-authentic items, it's also important to remember they will most likely not appreciate in values.

The Lure of Southwestern Collecting

The term Southwestern can mean different things to different people. Native American, cowboy, Spaniards, fossil collecting, and treasure hunting are all terms that might be included in the catchall phrase of southwestern collecting.

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Respecting Tradition and Culture

If you are a collector of Native America artifacts and decorative items, please be aware of the traditions and culture behind such pieces. Know who are you buying from and who they acquired the items.

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Navajo Blankets at Auction

A selection of Indian blankets from the John Moran Auctions including a Navajo Chiefs Blankets, first and second phases. Also shown is a Navajo Germantown blanket, along with a brief description explaining some of the differences between the blankets..

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Kachina Dolls

Kachina dolls are familiar to tourists that might be traveling in the southwestern part of the country, but most often those will be cheap tourist souvenirs. Learn the differences between the knock-offs and the originals, what to look for and the meanings behind the dolls. Buying an authentic or antique Kachina will cost more, but it will also be worth when it is time to sell. Plus, you have the satisfaction of knowing you have the real thing.

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Treasure Hunting in the New Mexico Mountains

Is there a real treasure hidden in the mountains? Or perhaps it's just a hoax, that is becoming a folk tale. The story is intriguing and if I was the adventurous (or even outdoors) type, I'd be already consulting maps. Since I'm not, just consider that less competition for the treasure!

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The Story of the White Buffalo

Two young warriors came upon a rare White Buffalo calf, which turned into the White Buffalo Calf Woman. Learn more about the legend and story of the White Buffalo and why it's an important symbol in the Native American culture.

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Collecting White Buffalo

Sacred for the Native American people, the White Buffalo also stands for hope in the future, is said to bring good luck and of course is very rare. If you're interested in collecting White Buffalo, the pickings are sparse for both authentic and limited edition pieces, but some of the pieces are so hauntingly beautiful, it's hard to resist the temptation.

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A How-to on Collecting Indian Pottery

I've always been fascinated by the pottery of Native Americans, but to be honest, always a little afraid to start collecting. Is it real, is it a fake, how can to tell the difference can be a little difficult to figure out.

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Glass Ornaments with a Southwestern Flair

The company is located in Arizona, has their designs created by Hopi and Southwestern artists, and then shipped off to be made in Poland. It's not quite your typical glass ornament company! They are well-known for their Day of the Dead ornaments, as well as Native American themed pieces.

The story behind Artistry in Poland.

Shown is their Navajo Chief ornament.More »

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