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Places to Buy Tea

    Coffee Shops

    • Unbeknownst to some tea consumers, America's leading coffee chains and small, local coffee shops carry a variety of teas. Some of the larger and more popular stores have even incorporated a new triangular tea bag that allows for larger tea leaves and a more robust flavor. Some of these chains also provide the equipment you need to brew loose-leaf teas at home.

    Grocery Stores

    • When all else fails, head to the grocery store or your local market for both boxes of tea bags and pre-brewed bottles of tea, which are generally found in the beverage section. Tea bags are the most popular and convenient way to brew tea, the flavor is nothing like what you can get from a full-leaf blend. Not all tea bags are created equal, either. The standard box of tea bags can be considerably more expensive in the long run compared to bags of loose-leaf tea that require a spoon for retrieval.

    Online Sources

    • Online merchants carry an array of tea blends from across the globe. A simple Internet search will bring up varieties you may not have even known existed. Check organic websites or Eastern medicine/herbal websites. Online sources often buy directly from the importer, therefore you get a much fresher tea than with a company that allows their stock to languish in a warehouse or backroom before you see it on store shelves.

    Specialty Tea Shops

    • If you live in a larger city there are likely shops that specialize in quality teas. Most tea houses will sell you their particular brands and blends of tea if you ask. Some high-end malls have stores that sell tea and all of the necessary brewing accouterments to make the cup you enjoy.

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