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The Downside to Free Advertising

There are SO many different types of advertising on the web today.
For many who are on a limited budget, free advertising is the only way to go.
Although there are plenty of people who are making good money through free advertising, there is a downside.
It takes a lot of time to put yourself out there on the internet and get people to notice you.
You aren't going to receive visitors to your site ASAP so it can be very time consuming.
In the end you have to decide if that was time used wisely or time wasted.
Let's look at the different forms of free advertising and what it takes to get noticed.
Social Networking: This is a great way to meet a lot of really interesting people.
You can really meet some great friends online.
But the key to being successful with social networking is by putting yourself out there.
When you sign up with a social networking site such as MySpace and Facebook, what you really want to do is just introduce yourself to everyone.
You don't want to promote your product because people get really turned off by that.
They want to know about you, who you are as a person and what you can bring to the table with helping them.
It takes time to promote yourself online.
Video Marketing: You can make videos to introduce people to who you are just like on the social networking sites.
With videos you can make as many as you like about whatever you want.
They can be about your business, what you do, how you got to where you are, what makes your product so great, etc.
But again, these things take time to really get the views although there are a lot of people checking out videos today.
Unless you are talking to a specific group of people that may be interested in what you are trying to present, you are just going to end up getting people clicking on your video to just check them out, but not actually opting into your site.
Blogs: Blogs should consist of interesting and informative content.
From time to time you can ad some fun and useful tips for your readers.
You can put an opt-in box on your blog and this is a great way to get people to join your list for your newsletter or free information you may have to offer them.
Some blogs can get ranked pretty high in the search engines especially if you use WordPress.
But like the others, this takes time to get visitors to your site.
Article Marketing: This is another great way to advertise for free on the internet.
If you write interesting and informative articles, you can get a pretty decent click through rate to your site by leaving your information in your signature box.
If the content is good, most people are curious just to learn more about who is behind the article content.
Hopefully you are writing for the people who are looking for what you have to offer.
Free Classifieds: There are only a few free classifieds that I have found to be even remotely worth the time.
You can get a lot of views to your website through classified sites, but you have to follow their guidelines or you will be banned from their site permanently.
A lot of people shop free classified sites because you can really find some bargains.
I don't believe you will make huge profits just from advertising on the free classified sites, but it is a good way to get traffic.
So you can see why free advertising can have its downside.
Although it's free, it is also time consuming to do and it does take time to actually get serious targeted traffic to your site.
I certainly wouldn't rule it out, but I would make sure I throw in some free advertising along with some paid.
That way you will be introducing people to who you are as well as your business opportunity.
Before too long, you will have plenty of qualified and targeted traffic visiting your site daily.

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