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Koi Meanings: Positive Vibes for Your Home

If you're considering getting fish for your home or your backyard pond, you might be wondering about the popularity of koi fish in Japan.
It's not only for their beauty and their brilliant colors that people like and love them but it's also what the koi symbolize.
Yes, for every variety of koi, there is some kind of symbolic meaning.
Meanings also abound with drawings of koi.
You might have seen some people sporting a koi tattoo on their arm or their neck.
Basically, koi means good things for the person, the household and a person's future.
Japanese Legend Essentially, the significance koi have in Japan take root from the fish's perseverance and strength.
It will take a lot of problems with the temperature and the condition of the pond water to kill koi.
For their resilience, these fish are a symbol of luck and good fortune in Japan.
They're symbolic for courage in the Buddhist religion.
In a Chinese legend, the story goes that a koi tries to climb the falls at Dragon Gate on the Yellow River.
If it succeeds, it will be transformed into a dragon.
That is why one of the meanings of koi is advancement both spiritually and materially.
Meanings of Koi Coloration Koi meanings also pertain to family.
Various colors of koi represent different members in a family.
The blue and white is for the son, a pink and red color represents the daughter, the flame red koi is the mother and the black is the father.
In relation to the varieties of the species, Ogon koi is platinum in color which is metallic-looking.
If you have this fish in your pond, it symbolizes wealth and fulfillment in wealth.
This pertains to success in business.
In your business establishment for example, you can have a pond in the garden and fill it with Ogon koi.
Yamabuki koi is a gold colored example and it symbolizes wealth, prosperity and gold.
Aside from wealth and success, these fish also represent love and friendship.
Out of all the koi breeds, the Asagi is the oldest of them all.
They're basically a mix of blue and gray and there are some special ones with red colored bellies.
If you get this fish for your koi pond, you'll have the most colorful variety of koi that will definitely mean everything good for you and your life.
Remember also that the brighter the color the healthier your koi.
Whatever direction you take with koi fish, you can never go wrong.
Koi meanings are always positive.
The most basic of the meanings stem from Japanese culture and it's all about being a nonconformist with the koi's character of swimming upstream even when the normal flow is downstream and it can also be seen to depict strength in times of adversity.
There is no other fish that's as persistent and willing to keep moving than the koi.
It's a symbol of surpassing everyone's expectations and it's all about overcoming obstacles, victory, success and accomplishment.

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