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How to Learn the Unicycle

    • 1). Use your two friends to get on the unicycle. One of the hardest parts of riding a unicycle is just getting on it to begin with. To make this easier, ask two friends to stand on either side of the unicycle. Use their shoulders to prop yourself up onto the unicycle. Make sure your friends stick around so that you don't fall down right away.

    • 2). Get a sense of balance and let your friends go. Move the pedals back and forth to get a sense of your balance. Ask your friends to guide you slowly as you begin doing half turns, then full turns and multiple turns of the pedals.

    • 3). Slowly remove your friends from the process. Start by holding only their wrists and once you get used to holding their wrists, try only holding one of their wrists for supportive balance. Weening yourself off of them will allow you to slowly build up your balance on the unicycle.

    • 4). Try pedaling by yourself. Make sure you are mentally ready and that your friends are still near in case you fall. Once you let go of your friend, pedal for as long as you can and stop if you feel like you are going to fall. Practice as much as you can with your friends and try to work your way up to where you can start the process without them.

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