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How to Make Wrap-Around Pants

    • 1). Use your measuring tape to measure the length from your waist to your ankle. Add 3 inches and trim fabric to this length.

    • 2). Cut fabric in half, making each half measure 1 yard wide.

    • 3). Put one half on top of the other, lining up the matching lengths. Pin them together.

    • 4). Use scissors to cut a U shape in the center of one of the short sides of your fabric. The shape should be about 12 inches long by 8 inches wide. This is the inseam; the bend of the U is the crotch of the pants.

    • 5). Stitch the pieces of fabric together, following along the U shape and the straight borders. Remember to leave the top and bottoms of the legs open.

    • 6). Fold the raw border at the bottom and side edges of the front side of the pants about 1/2 inch toward the wrong side. Iron press the fold and then do another 1/2-inch fold. Press both folds.

    • 7). Stitch the edges to seal what you have folded above. There will be a small hole to put ribbons through in later steps.

    • 8). Repeat steps 6 and 7 to the back side of the pants.

    • 9). Cut the ribbon in half and attach a safety pin at one end of one of the ribbons. Pull this ribbon through the pants' front casing.

    • 10

      Pull the other ribbon through the back casing.

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