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Which States Are RN Walk-Through States?


    • Delaware

      The Delaware Board of Nursing offers temporary licenses for RNs who have been offered a position in the state at the time they apply. The license is valid for 90 days.

      Delaware Board of Nursing

      861 Silver Lake Blvd., Suite 203

      Dover, DE 19904



      Licensees must provide the state's board of nursing with proof of licensure and submit an application for a temporary, 90-day certification.

      Maine Board of Nursing

      161 Capitol Street

      Augusta, Maine 04333



      Among the standard requirements, the Maryland Board of Nursing requires that licensees demonstrate a proficiency in speaking English.

      Maryland Board of Nursing

      4140 Patterson Avenue

      Baltimore, Maryland, 21215



      The Vermont Board of Nursing confers a temporary certificate to licensees valid for 90 days.

      Vermont Board of Nursing

      National Life Bldg, North FL2

      Montpelier, VT 05620



    • Kansas

      The Kansas State Board of Nursing may grant a temporary license of up to 120 days.

      Kansas State Board of Nursing

      900 SW Jackson Street, Suite 1051

      Topeka, Kansas 66612



      Licensees should contact the Missouri Division of Professional Registration about temporary certification; you may be required to provide proof of residency.

      Missouri Division of Professional Registration

      3605 Missouri Boulevard

      P.O. Box 1335

      Jefferson City, MO 65102



      Aside from the standard requirements, licensees must have graduated from an accredited nursing program within the past two years, have completed at least 500 hours of practical experience in the last five years, or have completed a review course in the last five years. Contact the Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services for more information on acquiring a temporary license.

      Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services

      301 Centennial Mall South

      Lincoln, NE 68509


      South Dakota

      RNs have to submit an application to the state board of nursing to apply for a nonrenewable temporary license to practice that will expire after 90 days.

      South Dakota Board of Nursing

      4305 S. Louise Avenue Suite 201

      Sioux Falls, SD 57106



    • South Carolina

      The South Carolina Board of Nursing stipulates that all licensees pass the national licensure examination within three years of graduating from an approved nursing program.

      South Carolina Board of Nursing

      110 Centerview Dr., Suite 202

      Columbia, S.C. 29210


      North Carolina

      While it's considered a walk-through state, North Carolina requires RNs to schedule an appointment with the state board of nursing.

      North Carolina Board of Nursing

      4516 Lake Boone Trail

      Raleigh, NC 27607



      While not officially a walk-through state, RNs in Virginia are allowed to operate under a temporary license for 30 days, before receiving their permanant license.

      Virginia Board of Nursing

      Department of Health Professions

      Perimeter Center

      9960 Mayland Drive, Suite 300

      Richmond, Virginia 23233



    • California

      RNs looking to practice in California must contact the California Board of Registered Nursing.

      California Board of Registered Nursing

      1625 North Market Boulevard, Suite N217

      Sacramento, CA 95834



      The Colorado Board of Nursing oversees all licensure inquiries in the state.

      Colorado Board of Nursing

      1560 Broadway, Suite 1350

      Denver, CO 80202



      Visit the Idaho Board of Nursing for information on getting your temporary license through the process of endorsement.

      Idaho Board of Nursing

      280 North 8th St. Suite 210

      Boise, Idaho 83720



      While not technically a walk-through state, Alaska does offer temporary licenses. You must contact the Alaska Board of Nursing (ABN) to schedule an appointment.

      Alaska Board of Nursing

      550 West Seventh Avenue Suite 1500

      Anchorage, Alaska 99501-3567


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