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Instructions for Putting on a Nano iPod Cover

    • 1). Remove the headphones from its jack on the iPod. Almost no covers will fit on the iPod while the headphones are still on.

    • 2). Lay a single-piece jelly rubber cover on a flat surface, open side up. These types of covers are stretchy and slide around the iPod nano. Make sure the hole for the headphones is on top, then slide the bottom of the nano into the cover. Now hold the nano down gently with one hand and use the other to stretch the top of the cover up around the top of the nano. Adjust as necessary so the holes for the headphones, the on/off switch, and the charger cable line up with the edges of the cover.

    • 3). Pry the two pieces of a hard plastic or metal cover apart with both hands. You may need to hold both sides and twist gently from side to side to get it apart. Lay the backing on a flat surface (the piece without a hole for the screen) and lay the nano in it. Make sure the headphone jack lines up with the small hole on the top right. Now set the front piece on and push down on the edges until it snaps into place.

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