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How to Grow Winter Tarragon Herbs

    • 1). Begin by sowing the tarragon seeds into indoor pots in late winter. Fill pots with an equal combination of Canadian peat moss and organic potting soil. Sprinkle in a handful of Perlite for good measure. This is done to ensure that the soil drains quickly and dries out well as tarragon is prone to root rot. Plant one seed in each pot a half inch below the surface of the soil and water them well. Place them in direct sunlight on a windowsill or outdoors.

    • 2). Wait for the soil in the pots to dry out completely before watering them again so as not to keep the seeds too moist. The seeds will germinate after two weeks and be large enough to transplant seven weeks after being planted.

    • 3). Use your shovel to dig holes in your garden or yard where you will plant the tarragon. Each hole should be on high ground that drains well and is shaded for a good portion of each day. Dig down four or five inches beneath the surface of the soil, making sure the holes are at least two feet apart from each other to prevent the root systems of the herbs from strangling one another.

    • 4). Sprinkle a heaping handful of bonemeal into each hole to give the tarragon all the nutrients they will need for their lifetimes. Loosen the tarragon from their pots and place them in the holes, soil and all, making sure to bury them level with the ground. Water them once or twice a week and take leaves for cooking as they are needed. You should not worry about pests as the oils in the leaves that give them their aroma and flavor are strongly avoided by most insects.

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