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''Vector TD'' Cheats

    Use Normal Maps

    • The right map can determine how far a player will get in "Vector TD." Given the choice between a normal and hard map, both new and experienced players should go with normal maps. For newcomers, a normal map will help them grasp the fundamentals of the game faster, while an expert player making the same choice will be able to focus more energy on scoring than strategy.

    Pick a Variety of Towers

    • A variety of towers must be used against vectoids. Reds excel because of their rockets, while blue towers hold up speeding vectoids. The best results come from spreading red and blue towers across the map and setting them to target strong or close vectoids. Green and purple towers should also be used to specifically attack weak vectoids.

    Maximize Interest Earnings

    • Killing vectoids is the main way of earning money during the game. But additional funds can be accumulated through interest that comes when a new group of vectoids enters the map. Money should regularly be spent on purchasing and upgrading towers. But also save some money during the game. As an additional means of saving, sell back any towers that fail to destroy vectoids consistently.

    Attack Hard Grey Waves for Bonus Points

    • Players earn bonus points by seeking out and eliminating the individual bonus vectoid that travels with Hard Grey waves. The accumulation of bonus points is critical for a player to maintain a lengthy game. Use bonus points to boost lives, earn an increased interest rate, and modify the distance and power capabilities of towers.

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