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Fight the Debt Collectors with FDCPA by Your Side

Taking a loan is quite common and defaulting on its payment is commoner still. But it has not yet gained the status of a crime and therefore, if you have an outstanding loan, then you do not have to behave like a criminal. So, if you have a loan that you are unable to pay and the collection agents are calling you every other minute then its time you took a step.

The FDCPA has a number of provisions that enable you to pay off the loans without being harassed by the debt collectors. Some of the provisions are being discussed below.

Time and place of contact
The debt collectors are forbidden from contacting you after 9 p.m. or before 8a.m. without your authorization. Also, if you ask them not to, they cannot call you at your office.

Stopping the calls
According to the Federal Trade Commission, consumers should talk to the debt collectors at least once to resolve the issue. After that they can be asked to atop contacting you. But this has to be done in writing. It is best if you send the letter through registered post and also pay for the "return receipt". That way you will be sure of what they have received. Keep in mind that stopping them from contacting you does not free you of the debt.

Contacting your acquaintances
A debt collector is not permitted to contact with anyone except you regarding your debt. they cannot contact your colleagues or family to enquire about your financial status. In fact they are not even allowed to contact you directly if an attorney represents you and they are aware of it.

Validating the debt
Simply because a debt collector has "told" you that you have an outstanding debt does not means that you have one or have to pay it. if you have any doubt about the debt than you can ask for a validation which they are bound to give within 5 days of contacting you. If they are unable to provide you with any then it is not your debt. but you have to tell them that through a written letter. The FDCPA has armed the consumers with certain rights. If you think you are being harassed unnecessarily, then the law is by your side. it is our duty to exercise the rights to stop debt collectors' harassment.

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