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Hotels Montreal - Off To The City Of Mary For A Spiritual Or Sporting Encounter

Although winter seasons in the city tend to literally send shivers down the warm-blooded spine as well as other parts of the average human anatomy, cold winds and snow falls accord the able-bodied clad in proper insulation with a varying assortment of activities.  Despite mercury levels dipping below the typical depths, visitors flock to stay at the popular five star hotels Montreal's snowy streets are lined with.

Many enjoy the sensation of a winter wonderland without having to fork out a significant amount for a trip to Santa's lair at the North Pole.  This certainly makes a Christmas celebration not easily displaced in the memories of solo travelers, courting couples as well as rambunctious families.  If one is opportune to pay a visit to the famed Notre-Dame Basilica church around the Christmas season, it may be worth shifting dates to coincide one's trip with the annual performance of Handel's Messiah.  Nothing brings about the warmth of the season than heavenly hymns delivered with a background of the Nativity scene.

Since Montreal has more than its fair share of churches, it is aptly coined the city of a hundred bell towers.  Bell ringers no longer resemble the character of old written about by Victor Hugo, with its spine-challenged anatomy.  More attractive individuals are trained in the intricacies of tugging the ropes to aptly announce the time of day or call to prayer and mass.  Some may even carry out the task at set intervals via the assistance of modern technology.  By a throw of a switch or push of a button, familiar melodies ring throughout the city.  Although it would have made the spectators' day to see a Quasimodo look-alike swinging on the ropes of the Notre-Dame Basilica, hiring hunchbacks are no longer in practice.  An amateur video capturing a medieval Tarzan clad in more than just a loin cloth would certainly make the most downloaded clip of the year.

As guests occupy the popular five star hotels Montreal have to offer in style, they also fill the various sporting facilities to the brim.  Ice hockey is the hot favorite despite the cold settings.  Having lifted the coveted Stanley Cup for a record 24 times and hopefully more to come, Montreal's pride and joy certainly gives fans and supporters something to shout about.  Although the usual line of American sporting activities fill the list, none supersedes the excitement drummed up by a group of players shoving a puck around an ice rink.

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