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Soul Bands and Entertainment Ideas for a Wedding

    During the Ceremony

    • Have your soul band play something light and instrumental as your guests take their seats for your blessing. You could also consider having them provide accompaniment to any songs or hymns that your congregation will be singing as part of the service. Maybe choose a soul classic that means something to you and your partner as an alternative to more traditional wedding music.


    • Ask a selection of your guests if they would be interested in performing a song with your band as part of the reception celebrations. Your friends and family members could take turns in taking to the stage and belting out a soul standard or something more contemporary. This is great fun and will make your wedding a memorable day for anybody who gets involved.

    Serenade Your New Partner

    • If you're the groom, arrange with the band to accompany you while you sing a favorite soul tune to your new wife as part of your speech. There's no reason that the bride shouldn't feel free to do this as a surprise for her new husband, too. Performing a duet in front your guests is another option.

    Write a Song

    • If you're musically minded, write a romantic song about your relationship or something humorous about your gathered guests. Ask your hired band to play your composition during the speeches or after the meal. If you can't play an instrument, write some new lyrics to a song everybody will know. You'll need to liaise with the band before you do this, and there's a chance they may charge you extra for the time it takes them to prepare.

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