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Requirements for Immigration to Finland


    • To become a resident of Finland, you must apply for a residence permit. This is granted for three or more months, based on the reason you wish to stay in Finland.


    • One reason you are allowed to immigrate to Finland is if you have family connections. If you have extended or immediate family living in the country, you can be granted a residence permit.


    • If you are self-employed or have a job in Finland, you can obtain a residence permit. If you are self-employed, a Finnish resident must apply for the permit for you. If you have a job in Finland, your employer must apply for you.


    • Those studying abroad in Finland can apply for a residence permit. However, to obtain one, you must be enrolled in a college in a program that will earn you a degree. You cannot merely have intentions of studying in Finland.


    • Another way you can obtain a residence permit is by having an established intimate relationship. Examples of this include having a spouse or a nonmarried partner. To qualify for an established relationship you must apply at the Finnish Embassy.

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