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Are You a Nice Guy?

I get this question all of the time: why don't women like nice guys?

Here's the thing: most guys are nice. There are a small percentage of guys that are assholes, but let's forget about them. There are some guys who are bad boys as well, but let's forget about them too.

Let's assume you are a nice guy, and you think that women don't really like nice guys.

Let me tell you something: women will go out with a nice guy any day of the week if that nice guy is the best guy they've had in bed. That is all it takes for a nice guy to keep a woman.

You could be the nicest guy in the world, you could be gentlemanly, you could be sweet, caring and honest, but let's face the facts: if you don't eat pussy well, you're done!

There is nothing worse than a nice guy who can't please a woman orally. There is nothing worse than a nice guy who can't perform in bed.

So here's the deal. If you are a nice guy, you'd better start taking some major sex classes, tantric classes, and other things. Because if you're a nice guy and you're a minuteman €" a pumper and dumper €" you're absolutely correct: you're gone, finished, and there is absolutely nothing you can do about it.

But to keep a woman satisfied, you have to make sure she is sexually satisfied. Any nice guy can actually be a bad boy in the bedroom. A woman won't be expecting you to be a tiger in bed.

I have met some women that seemed shy €" so shy €" and then all of a sudden, we start fooling around and the next thing I know it feels like I have a Hoover vacuum cleaner on my dick! And I'm thinking, who the hell is this? This mild-mannered girl in life can't possibly be this kinky in the bedroom!

So if you're a nice guy you'd better start learning how to be better in bed. You should learn everything you can about sex €" every sexual technique there is. Learn tantric sex, learn how to control your orgasms, learn how to be orally talented. Learn how to do a lot of different things in bed. Learn how to please a woman.

So she meets you, figures you're a nice guy, she's intrigued by you and interested in you a little bit and she gives you an opportunity. Maybe she's a little horny one night and then she decides to give you an opportunity in bed.

Do you want to blow her away, Mr. Nice Guy? Do you want to make her look at you in a whole different light?

Become an amazing lover. If you're an amazing lover you're going to keep her satisfied and intrigued for a long time to come. Most guys are shitty lovers.

So Mr. Nice Guy, this blog is all for you! If you don't know if you're a good lover, or you suspect that you're not, you'd better start reading up on it. I expect my inbox to be flooded with emails

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