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Women Over 50 Dating Younger Men

Known today by the label 'cougars', older women over 50 dating young men, who often are strapping and attractive, are getting to be a common sight. It wasn't long ago that this was taboo, but then again, we see lots of young women dating older men, so society decided this wasn't entirely different. It became popular because of the phenomenon of online dating, where age is just a small factor in dating. If a recently single woman (either from a divorce or a separation due to a horrible or unsatisfying marriage) is looking for a man, she will often go for someone who is the complete opposite of the one she'd been with before. Sex after 50 makes older women feel better about themselves, makes them feel younger, and brings back memories of when they were still pretty and hot.

Surveys showed that women dating at 50 prefer partners who invigorate them (not to mention are physically fit and can keep up with their 'demands'), as compared to older men who are generally tired and fatigued and a lot less energetic. An older woman who goes online will be looking for a man who is all about the fun and excitement of life. People over 50 dating under their age bracket are still considered out of the norm, but are more tolerated nowadays in the dating scene.

Why Dating an Older Woman is Appealing to Young Guys

Men, surprisingly, are not ashamed of dating older women as opposed to the women over 50 dating them. Cougars don't really like the label because it implies they are a bit old. But men, on the other hand, even take pride when they are called 'cougar hunters'. They often times don't mind the age difference, as long as the woman is in great shape and reasonably attractive. Since women are obsessed with looking young, most cougars do actually maintain an impressive appearance and good health by working hard for it (through various diets and exercise).

The Art of Staying in Shape and its Effect on Your Sex Life

Everyone wants (or rather, needs) to be satisfied in their relationship emotionally and physically. Of course, it's not right to demand this when you yourself bring nothing to the table. Whether you are a cougar on the prowl or still in a committed relationship, there are certain things you want and have to work for in order to get. For example, do you want an active, healthy sex life? Keep yourself fit and limber, and it's almost impossible for your husband, boyfriend, or 'boy toy' to resist you. It's not entirely about how you look, it's actually how your outer beauty makes you feel. If you feel desirable, more often than not, you will be desired. If you take care of your body, then your body will eventually take care of you. Women over 50 dating guys usually have a lot more satisfaction in bed because younger men have more energy and, let's face it, are more attractive.

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