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Part Time Jobs - What There is to Know

Any job in which devoid of serious commitment between an employer and an employee and has no future in terms of career growth or promotions is called part time jobs.
Such jobs are temporary in nature as the name suggests and do not require the employee to work full hours.
They also come with less stress and pressure to perform as a white collar job would.
Part time jobs are life support systems for those who find themselves suddenly out of work and are looking to alleviate their newly found financial misery by finding an alternative source of income.
There are others who take up temp jobs to supplement their income due to the inadequacy of monetary recompense that they receive in their full time jobs.
Part time jobs offer require lesser working hours to be put in and also offers lower wages when compared to full time employment opportunities.
Usually there are no strict work place policies and regulations that are to be followed as well.
Most employees involved in temp jobs do not get to enjoy additional benefits like medical insurance or family insurance, provident fund schemes or gratuity that full time occupations offer and have to be content with the daily or weekly wages that are paid to them.
The fast food and retail industry offers the maximum number of temp jobs and working in these domains is most sought after by prospective part time employees.
A large number of people find employment as retail salesmen, pizza delivery boys and as cooks or waiters in fast food joints or retail outlets.
The requirement for low levels of commitment and responsibility and the choice of juggling with more than one job at any one time with a flexibility in working hours and work timings are the highlights of a part time job.
One is subject to minimum stress while being employed in a part time job which would seem like a welcome respite for someone who has recently quit a high intensity work schedule.
Full time students or professionals who are pursuing their higher education goals by taking a temporary break to gain additional skills and training often find part time employment opportunities to be a great help in helping them supplement their limited financial resources.
Those students who come from fragile economic backgrounds who do not want to bother their parents and families for money and look to make ends meet by self help and hard work often find part time jobs as liberating and giving them economic independence.
Part time jobs offer financial respite and emancipation to those international students who come from poorer countries to countries in Europe and America to pursue higher education, as they often find themselves financially crippled and bogged down by the enormous tuition fees that are charged from international students in these countries.
Most part time employers who provide part time jobs do so with a view to cutting down on their cost by paying less than the prescribed wages to their employees.
This is due to the fact that there is a gross inequality in the ration between sheer number of unemployed people and the number of jobs that are available.
Most part time jobs do not require any previous skill, training, experience or advanced educational qualifications on the part of a prospective employee.
Whatever be the wage offered, it is the employer who ultimately emerges the winner in these situations owing to the lack of choice available to the employee who is more often than not forced to work for the meager wages that he is offered.
Those overseas students who pursue education in foreign countries are the most vulnerable segment and are prone to exploitation.

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