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Watching Too Much TV May Cause Autism

Babies from one and a half month old to two months old are very sensitive to television.
Eleven months old babies can understand certain scenarios in TV, once they sit before the TV, they would be very quiet and watching TV.
However, it's not good for the baby to watch too much TV, the infant may only respond to mechanical sound, but not respond to people's voice.
This situation might trigger autism.
A study of Australia shows that while watching TV, the left cortex of the brain which is in charge of vision, analysis and calculation will be unstable.
On the other hand, the right cortex of the brain that accept color signal would lose control of information, which will reduce the access between the left cortex and the right cortex, so the brain structure will present the state of destruction inertia.
Except for the danger of having autism, TV can be a bad influence on babies on the following aspects.
Not conducive to the development of visual acuity of babies.
The constantly flashing television spot will cause strabisumu, esoptropia,etc.
The electromagnetic radiation of the TV is harmful to the health of the baby.
The rapid conversion of television will cause attention disorders, it may make the baby lose the ability to focus on a particular thing.
That is a symptom of autism.
Watching television is a passive experience, which will make the children form a brain activity pattern of "lack of dynamism", and the brain activity pattern is directly related to mental retardation, which is a important sign of autism.
So, watching too much TV is bad for babies' health.
The TV set shouldn't be placed near the baby's room.

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