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Strange Tales 5: Which Story is False? - Page Four

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Story 4: The Ouija Message

Is the Ouija board just a toy that responds to the subconscious of the users? Or can it really put us in contact with those who have passed over? The experience of a British psychic may at lease cause you to consider that spirits of the dead can communicate with the living through the Ouija.

Hester Travers-Smith was a psychic who had much experience with the Ouija-type talking boards.

World War I was raging and Travers-Smith and Irish psychic Geraldine Cummins were experimenting with the board in London. Suddenly, the board was controlled by a spirit who claimed to be Cummins cousin, who was recently killed in France.

After giving his name, the spirit spelled out the message: "Tell mother to give my pearl tiepin to the girl I intended to marry. I think she should have it." The spirit then provided the woman's name and even her address in London. Acting on the spirit's message, the psychics wrote to the address provided, but it was returned as being an incorrect address. Thinking the experience was false, the two psychics dismissed the case and forgot about it.

Six months later, however, Cummins discovered that her cousin had been engaged secretly - a fact her immediate family did not even know. Cummins learned the name of this woman - the same name provided by the Ouija. Moreover, when the War Office send the dead soldier's personal effects to his family, among them was a pearl tiepin and a will he had written while in France.

The will instructed his family to give the tiepin to his fiancée if he failed to return.

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