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Fulfill your Temporary Needs with Wheelchair Ramp Rentals

Getting around in a wheelchair is a bit easier today thanks to the laws about accessibility that went into effect several decades ago, but there are still times when you need to go somewhere that your chair won't allow you to go. If this doesn't happen often, you probably don't want to put out the money to buy yourself a portable wheelchair ramp. This is also true for someone who has a temporary disability which requires the use of a wheelchair, such as a broken leg. These are times when wheelchair ramp rentals have a lot of merit.

Anyone who needs a ramp for less than five months will benefit from renting one. After that time, the cost of rental will overtake the purchase price making it more financially sound to buy the ramp instead of renting it. You may not know at first how long you'll need the ramp, so make sure that your rental contract is flexible enough to allow you a rent-to-own option. That way, if you find out you're going to need the ramp for an extended period of time, you'll be able to apply the rental dollars you've already paid towards the purchase price.

Before you rent a ramp, you'll want to assess your needs. Do you primarily need the ramp to get in and out of your home, up and down curbs, into a vehicle, or into a rampless building? If you're someone who's always on the go and needs a portable mobility chair ramp, then that's the kind to rent. You need to figure out the length of the ramp you will need. The ADA recommends that a ramp incline at a ratio of 1:12, so you will need a one that's long enough to make up the height you need to go without exceeding this ratio. There are different types of portable ramps depending on whether you're trying to access a building or a vehicle.

A broken leg used to mean that you'd be totally laid up for the duration. Now, however, with the large variety of wheelchair ramp rentals that are available, there's no need for you to be off work because you can't access the building or stuck in the house. In addition, if you have a permanent confinement to a chair, you no longer have to miss events near and dear to your heart, because you can rent a ramp that will help you access just about anywhere you need to go.

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