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5 Unheard Tips for Terrific Test Taking in IITJEE

The basic tips are available everywhere. Very useful, however, here are some unconventional and unheard of tricks for going at the IITJEE.

1) Investing in Speed: A lot of questions and very few hours to answer. And questions that require a lot of thinking and calculating. How are you ever going to go about answering all the questions correctly on the exam? How are you ever going to be fully prepared for the exam? Are you ever even going feel ready and prepared?

The answer to all of them lies in speed. Investing your time in it, paradoxically, will give you much more time in the near future and beyond. It helps you study faster, memorize formulas and techniques faster and help you finish your answers faster!

Quicken up your pace at everything, except eating and sleeping. Write faster, draw faster, try to recall your memorizations faster, walk and carry out your activities faster. It could be hard at first, you may make silly mistakes doing it all in your head, or feel like you are missing out on the general pace everybody else is in, however, it gets better as you go along, definitely, also giving you a lot of time in hand.

2) Thrilling and stressful mock tests are great: How many times have you heard, to ease up and chill and that stress is not very healthy for you? Well, you should not always be stressed, but a stressful exam can have a lot of benefits if there is a little less, than just enough time to prepare for it. A stressful exam gets up on your toes, excites your system and gets you to study better, with more focus in a shorter amount of time. Here, you have a deadline to match. Chapters that take 3 hours of studying would be done in half an hour with the speed of a nervous mind. And learning faster helps you cover chapters that would have had to wait its turn later, but is now done. At Kshitij Coaching, mock tests are more thrilling and fun than stressful.

3) Interacting with the whizzes: Interacting with the experts, engineering students who have cracked the exam and your teachers about the exam and about the life of an IIT student, etc., will get you feeling more excited about it. The more you involve yourself into it, the more important will it be to your life, and the more will study for the exam. This obviously cannot be forced, and is generally for those who cannot really get to focusing on it. For a person who loves to study, and is into the excitement of studying for the exam, have already got to the point we are trying to reach here.

Moreover, the experts and professionals will give you tips out of their own personal experience. Treat them like gems, because you are lucky to know them and to be interacting with them.

4) Food and lifestyle: The food you eat and the lifestyle you lead does play a big role as you prepare for the exam. The effects of the wrong kind of food may be made up by focusing harder on the material, but a poor lifestyle is big no. It is very necessary to have a good sleep. Waking up with a fresh mind and studying improves the body and mind discipline. Nothing can be achieved without self-control.

5) Letting the cat out of the bag: It is also an important tip to keep all that progress to yourself. Telling others about the number of chapters you have completed, often only to satisfy the emotions of pride and acceptance is not a good idea. It would distract you from your goals and only makes it harder to get back to concentrating again. Keeping your progress a secret, makes you feel more in control. Others do not expect and watch out for preparations and you too, keep out of interfering with the preparation
of others on the basis of competition. You can study for the day the results come out and you make public, your marks to the world! Letting it out, in bits, spoils the show. Apparently, minding your own business actually helps focus better in life.

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