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Floor Cleaning Using Natural Cleaners

There are several commercial floor cleaners which have harsh chemicals and nauseating scants which leave residue even after washing or rinsing. In case you have kids or pets that are often in contact with your floor or if you walk barefoot on your home you and your kids may suffer from skin rashes because of the residues from harsh chemicals. Usually when flooring cleaning, harsh ingredients from your commercial cleaners may make your eye itch, skin irritated or you may even suffer from chemical burns if you are not careful. Luckily there are some floor cleaning solutions which you yourself can make and they do not contain any harmful substances. These natural cleaner are cheaper and can be custom.

-For wood floors

The secret of floor cleaning wood is to keep them dry always. Water can damage your wood flooring by leaving a grain and may cause it to warp. Mix a solution of white vinegar and vegetable oil. Apply this solution sparingly and rub it in. The oil gets absorbs into the wood. The dirt will be lifted off from your floor and stick to your floor rag. If you want to freshen up your home you may add 10 drops of essential oil of your choice to the solution. If your wood floors are painted just mix 1 tsp. of washing soda to a gallon of hot water, mop and dry immediately.

-For tile or stone floor

The reliable solution for tile and stone floors is the vinegar and water solution. Just mix 1 cup of white vinegar in 1 gallon of hot water and mop. If the smell of the vinegar is too strong for you then add some essential oil to overcome the smell. If you use only the appropriate amount of vinegar the odor will vanish the moment your floor dries up. You may sprinkle baking soda on a damp just mopped floor and using a stiff brush scrub the gout lines. Do not utilize straight vinegar on the grout because this can harm your floor.

-For linoleum or rubber floor

Use a very gentle detergent for floor cleaning rubber tiles to prevent your floor surface from being damage. For linoleum flooring you may use 2 tbsp. of mild liquid soap with 1/4 cup of white vinegar and 1 gallon of hot water. Just mop your floor with this solution and then wipe it clean. Or you may use a dust mop with clean cotton rag. For periodic floor waxing you should only use gentle non-toxic detergent. To take off wax buildup, saturate the area with club soda, scrub it and allow the club soda sit until the buildup disappears.

-Additional Natural Solutions in Floor Cleaning

For the best wood floor polishes you may use club soda and skim milk. Next you use clean water with a small amount of skim milk you rinse the area and polish. To remove crayon and wax marks you may employ toothpaste over the marks. Or you may make a paste by mixing baking soda and water and applying it on scuff marks to erase them. To remove tar you may use butter while to avoid grease from seeping on the floor use ice cube. Put an ice cube over the spill to solidify the grease, then scrape it. If residues are left behind you may iron an old rag over the spot until the rag lifts the grease.
Floor cleaning need not be expensive or harmful to you. By utilizing natural cleaners you save money, your floor and yourself.

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