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Glass and Frames of Strong Windows

Windows act as conduits for ventilation and light. Size and shape regulate the amount of light or ventilation too. Most windows are made of glass because it lets in light even when wind or the cool breeze is kept out. To the dismay of many homeowners though,  repairing glass when it breaks can be bothersome.

The good news is that there are types of window glass that are treated to be stronger and durable. Some textured glass panes are quite strong. There is laminated glass which has two layers of glass with a polyvinyl butyral (PVB) resin in between so that the glass, at least, remains intact even when the window is shattered.

There are window repairers who also recommend low-emissivity windows. These windows have low-e glass that is good for insulation. Low-e glass regulates the entrance of light, but retains the heat that comes with the light. Low-e glass is treated with pyrolytic coating and insulated glazing.

Screens may be installed to windows to keep small objects like insects, leaves, or dust from getting into the house when the windows are open. Window screens are available in window repair companies. Window screens may be installed for louver windows and storm doors. Window screens are typically made of metal wire, but there are screens also made of aluminum, fiberglass, or even synthetic fiber.

For window repair Alexandria VA companies sometimes recommend vinyl framing to also make the windows stronger. Virginia has a very wet and windy climate with an average of seven tornados annually; these tornados are often light to moderate intensity, however. Vinyl framing helps windows withstand this rather difficult weather.

An aluminum window is a good choice for window replacement Arlington residents would find useful. Strong, durable, and non-corrosive, aluminum can withstand warm, dry, or wet weather. Aluminum is also safe for households with children because the anti-corrosive properties of the material do not pose health concerns for them.

Wood, however, is a material for window replacement Arlington residents desire because of its classic and aesthetic appeal. There are window repairmen who recommend strong, weather-resistant woods for framing. Treated vinyl frames are  efficient alternatives.

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