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How to Make a 55 Gallon Fish Tank Stand

    • 1). Measure the base of the aquarium to find the dimensions for your stand. Most standard 55 gallon aquariums have a base that measures 48-1/4" x 12-3/4".

    • 2

      Build two frames that are the exact dimensions of the bottom of the aquarium using the drill and screws, so that the aquarium will sit flush when completed.

    • 3). Cut the legs to whatever length desired.

    • 4
      The top view and bottom view should be indentical. The lines represent the screw positioning.

      Screw the legs to the interior of the frames, with one frame on top and one on bottom. Making very sure that everything is flush.

    • 5

      You can now wrap with anything you like such as birch, oak etc. or just leave it open if you desire.

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