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Dog Itching - What Can I Do to Make it Stop?

How can you stop dog itching? The constant scratching is painful for your dog, as well as annoying to the both of you.
To stop your dog's itching, you need to first figure out the cause, and that can take a lot of time.
Your dog needs help with the itching now! A tried-and-true natural remedy for dog itchy skin is colloidal oatmeal shampoo.
Lather your pooch up and let it sit on his coat and skin for around 10 to 15 minutes.
The shampoo's natural anti-inflammatory and anti-itching powers are incredible and fast working.
When bathing your dog, make sure to use only lukewarm to cool water - warm to hot water will only aggravate their irritated skin more.
Also, make sure you rinse all of the shampoo off - shampoo residue is a common cause of itchy skin.
And finally, never rub a towel over your dog.
Use the towel to pat the excess water off - rubbing will further irritate their skin.
The colloidal oatmeal shampoo will provide relief for dog itching, but it is not permanent.
You still need to figure out what is causing the non-stop itching.
Is it fleas? Maybe your dog has allergies? Or it could even be mange.
Another possibility that is often over-looked is your dog's health, mainly his nutrition.
If a dog is not getting all the necessary nutrients he needs, his skin and coat could pay the price.
Without the right amounts and right kinds of fats, your dog's skin can dry out.
When this happens, the skin gets itchy.
Without the right amounts and kinds of vitamins, minerals, EFAs, and proteins, your dog's immune system can become hyper-sensitive.
When this occurs, the immune system attacks everything, causing allergy symptoms.
This is why many people think their dogs have food allergies.
They itch and scratch without any physical evidence of a problem (fleas or mange).
Most times it is not an allergy to the food, but rather a hyper-sensitive immune system on overdrive or skin that is drying out.
If you believe this is the reason for your itchy dog, you need to treat it from the inside out.
Making sure that your dog is getting good, quality nutrients can help immensely in your quest to stop dog itching.
To further speed up the healing process, you can also add extra supplements to their dog food.
These specialized supplements are aimed at improving the health of the skin and coat, providing essential fatty acids that the skin desperately needs.
While feeding a healthy dog food will take a few weeks to stop dog itching, the relief will be permanent.
As an added benefit, a healthy immune system means your dog is less prone to other illnesses and disease as well.

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