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Nuthin" But a G30 Thang: Ping"s G30 Golf Clubs Rating

Founded in 1992, Cause and Effect had early success with their debut release, "Another Minute" spawning two Top 10 Billboard dance singles and a top 20 hit ("You Think You Know Her.") After the sudden and untimely death of writing partner and co-founder Sean Rowley, singer Rob Rowe took some much needed time to contemplate and reflect on the future of the group. Determined to pick up the pieces and move forward, Rowe enlisted the talents of friend and Los Angeles-based musician Keith Milo and the assistance of drummer Richard Shepherd.

The ensuing sessions resulted in a critically acclaimed sophomore effort, "Trip."

"The Sunrise EP" is their latest release and shows the artistic growth and depth that twelve years in the business brings. Combining hauntingly lush instrumentation, smooth rhythms and the stunning vocal talents of Mr. Rowe, this EP is a remarkable piece of work well worthy of your attention. Kicking things off are their first single, "Into The Light" (presented in two different forms here), one a silky, deep summery house opus and another a slightly more pumped-up progressive affair. But danceable tracks aren't the only thing on display here, as witnessed by the lovely broken-beat "Long Way Down" (also in two versions), acoustic ballad "Stay" and striking "Vicarage Road." A truly incredible piece of work that will temporary satisfy your appetite, but inevitably leave you wanting more from Cause and Effect. Looking forward to great things in the future.

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