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No Beach For the Fat Girls!

These days, bones + skin = beautiful.
What do you expect, when all you're seeing on TV and fashion magazines is 60 pounds mannequins, walking on the catwalk? If your girlfriend has 1 single pound that she thinks is extra, your job is to convince her she's wrong, and get on with her life.
Have you noticed? Our days, girls get obsessed with weight since they are 10! At the age of 12-13, they already panic if they see one pound that wasn't there yesterday, even if, at their age, growth is perfectly normal.
Guess what, girls: you're supposed to look like a woman! Meaning almost any shape is better than flat! Stop wishing to be thin, start wishing to be healthy! No amount of pills would give you that, take care of your body, don't just watch TV and IM on the internet all day! Stop looking on the internet for diets, pick any diet, follow it, and go to a gym! Stop being lazy! It matters how you teach your daughter.
If your teenage daughter says to you: "Mom, I have to lose weight!" , what do you tell her? Tell her, on a serious tone: "Let's see, what makes you think you should lose weight?" If you just say she's wrong, or laugh at her words, she'll be very conscious that she's WRIGHT! After she tells you why she thinks she should lose weight, that she has extra pounds on her hips, legs, belly, bottom, ask her if that is her opinion, or someone else told her.
It was for sure the idea of a girlfriend/colleague, or she entered on some website that sells weight loss pills, or any such "source".
Anyway, once identified the source of the problem, you need to try solving it.
If she is a little chubby, help her maintain her weight.
Some girls are by their nature a little puffy.
Or maybe she really gained some weight lately.
Anyway, the problem can be easily fixed by changing her habits a little.
If she is skipping meals to lose weight, explain to her that it's not the actual meals that add pounds, but the wrong distribution of the food.
If she eats later, the fat is distributed even more visible.
There is an actual reason for indicated meal hours! No more treats.
If she comes back from school, and you're not home, don't leave her a tray of cookies, bonbons or other snacks; instead leave yoghurt, fruits, anything as light.
And it won't be the end of the world if she gets by you a large chocolate...
Convince her to exercise, get her into a team-sport, gym or anything that would help her athletics condition.
For the best result, let her choose what sport she wants.
Talk nicely to her.
And don't nag her about calories all day.
If she's into steaks and all kinds of fat pies, sweets and other deserts, try preparing her some very attractive salads, colored and tasty.
Make her want to eat them.
If her weight is normal for her age, prove it to her.
When you're a teenager, the scale is not a perfect measure for the perfect body.
If she thinks she has too many pounds, the scale may point 0, she would still think that's too much.
Don't tease her on her weight.
Tell her instead that many girls would be lucky to have her legs, or that she has a beautiful top, anything that would make her think well on herself.
Don't let the father do that either, men have this tendency...
Convince her to eat.
Don't let her jump meals.
If she wants for breakfast just a cup of water, explain to her that by lunch time, she'll be starving, and in the afternoon she'll be eating 7 portions...
that the body will store twice as fast.

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