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How To Find House Flipping Opportunities In A Sellers Market

This is a prefect example of LTMA, Less-Talk-More-Action.
It's one of the least expensive activities that you can do to help you make huge profits in real estate investing.
Finding profitable real estate deals is also known a farming.
Here's how a typical farming session goes;
  1. Pick the area
  2. Find out what recent sale prices are
  3. Get a list of properties that are listed
  4. Drive by them and the surrounding are and ask yourself if this is a place where people want to live
  5. Have your exit strategy lined up i.
    rehab and flip, wholesale, or hold
Before heading out on the road investors should have already know the city or town they want to do real estate in.
That is because they don't want to drive around aimlessly while looking at homes that have no chance to make a recovery.
Having a plan in hand prior to starting a car and getting out that morning to look for potential real estate.
After they finish with their dozen or so drive-bys, they should grab the notes they took and sit down to figure out if the area works for their exit strategy and at what price they need to get the property to make a nice profit.
The next step is for the investor to call their agent or the listing agents and start making offers, it's that simple.
Finding Good Deals On Investment Properties Doesn't Have To Be Hard Today's real estate market is unlike any other past market.
Thanks to Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac and HUD doing their part it's made it very difficult for investors to find deals.
This is exactly why investors have to work smarter not harder.
Their personal network can be a great source of possibilities.
They should make sure that everyone you know is aware of what you're trying to achieve.
With foreclosures all but drying up and HUD holding properties back most successful real estate investors have been working directly with sellers to find more possible house flips.
Direct marketing in the form of bandit signs, direct mail, and even door knocking are all techniques that successful real estate investors are using to find more investment property possibilities.
Investing in real estate is a fantastic option for hands on and hands off people.
Returns for hands on investors have been known to reach a 25% cash on cash return.
Hands off investors can easily attain a 12% return.
Whichever category a prospective investor falls into they must take their business serious and not treat it as a hobby to have the ultimate success.

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