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How to Cut Door Jambs for a Hardwood Floor

    • 1). Lay a piece of your hardwood flooring upside down directly next to the door jamb. If you have been using underlay on the rest of the floor, set a piece of it on top of the flooring to match the height of the rest of the already-installed floor.

    • 2). Lie a handsaw or undercut saw along the top of the board, with the teeth facing the door jamb. Slice through the jamb's molding as smoothly as possible, keeping the back part of the saw on the hardwood board and sawing into the jamb at a level as high as the board and underlay from Step 1 so that the new flooring can slide easily underneath and into the cut.

    • 3). Pry out the pieces you just cut from the existing jamb with a hammer or screwdriver. Repeat on each side of the door jamb as necessary to make sure you have enough room for your flooring. Repeat Steps 1-3 for each door jamb in the room.

    • 4). Sweep or vacuum away all of the sawdust so that you have a clean subfloor ready to receive the new flooring.

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