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I am fed up of being ripped off by insurance companies. They promise the earth and give you very little in either service or value for money. God forbid if I ever needed to claim on my policy. I have no confidence in their ability to be helpful or honest. They take my money year in and year out. I pay them for the legality of their documents. I have to have this to enable me to drive within the European Union. Other than this, I hold out no hope of this piece of paper having any other value.

I have tried to contact my current insurance company on many occasions however they either leave me holding or ask to call them back as they are experiencing a high volume of calls. €Yeah right€. I have had enough of them and have decided to search the net for a new cheap car insurance provider. At this moment in time, I do not consider cheap insurance to be my best option. I want an insurance company that has an office I can call into and offer me a person who I can contact whenever I want to. €Am I asking too much€.

I have set aside a morning for my online research for cheap insurance. I will look for an insurance broker who has an office in my local town. I Googled cheap car insurance and the big companies came on as did the comparison web sites. I wanted a broker so I changed my search key words. I found what I was looking for. The office was just around the corner from my house. I was surprised I had never noticed it. I decided to call them and check I could contact them easily. Immediately the phone was answered. I told the representative I would call round to discuss my cheap car insurance requirements. I was ecstatic to hear her give me a contact name and a customer reference number. Just what I needed to hear.

I visited the office within the hour. I found my contact and was offered a drink. Wow what a difference in customer service. My new cheap insurance broker went on to explained that after collecting my motoring history she would do a search of her own to find the best deal for me. This means I should get cheap insurance and the level of service I deserve as a paying customer.

I was contacted by my new cheap insurance broker within the day. They asked me to visit the office to discuss the multiple offers she had found for me. I was happy to oblige. Upon my arrival I was asked to wait in a very nice plush office. The broker offered me a large file. In the file were all the cheap insurance offers for my perusal. One was highlighted with a list of benefits. I took the brokers advice and now have cheap car insurance.

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