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Tennis for Children: Don"t Stop - Get It, Get It!

For all the hockey fans out there, here is a wonderful tennis game for kids.
We, as tennis professionals are always searching for that perfect game which allows a young child to compete but also makes the game fun and easy.
One of the best games to introduce your child to tennis can be played anywhere, however being in an enclosed space is important for this particular game.
A tennis court is perfect for this (go figure) but if you don't have court access, you can play this game in a fenced in yard, a gym or even a basement if you aren't worried about a few nicks and scratches on the walls.
The larger the area; the better.
This allows for a child to hit a ball almost anywhere and still have it 'in play.
' The game is called "Don't Stop.
Get it, Get it!" and is played as follows: Suggested rules for Don't Stop.
Get it, Get it! - Anywhere the ball bounces or rolls is considered 'in' - If the ball stops moving on your end of the 'court' you lose the point - You may collect the ball by any means necessary - The ball must be hit with a racquet (in any manner) when attempting to send the ball to the opponents' end - Have fun! (and try not to wear yourself out) So, aside from the fact that Don't Stop! Get it, Get it! often resembles hockey, this game has all of the aspects of the perfect game.
It can be played almost anywhere.
The success rate is high because the child can take (almost) as long as they need to collect the ball and send it back to the other end.
Also, this is wonderful for mothers and fathers who might be on a fitness or health regimen.
You will get tired, or you will probably lose! Good luck, and remind your child of Rule #1 for Ankle Biters Tennis: - Never try to hit the ball with your face!

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